TI Outraged Over Leaked Baby Announcement

ti tiny premature baby

Tiny and T.I. welcomed the birth of their 7th child over the weekend. But before they could make the announecment, a family member already spilled the tea online!

T.I.’s niece, Kamaya Harris, told her SnapChat followers she had just visited Tiny, and the baby had been born. Once T.I. caught wind of his big mouth family member, he made a FB announcement which has since been deleted.

“What really pisses me off is that I’m in South Carolina & my wife just had our baby in Georgia which is really not something anybody could help & the fact that everybody gets to announce that ’T.I. & Tiny welcomed their baby into the world’ EXCEPT T.I. & Tiny. Couldn’t even wait until we properly announced it but ‪#‎Lucky7‬ is here,”~ T.I.

Later, Tiny released a statement of her own:

“Yesterday, March 26th, at 2:58PM we welcomed a beautiful baby girl that weighed in at 5lbs. In true Harris fashion, our baby girl made us all HUSTLE, making a surprise early entrance. While we expected her to arrive around April 20th, our PERFECT baby girl decided March 26th was the right time for her DEBUT. My husband, Tip Harris, went from the stage right to the plane from his show in Las Vegas and luckily, made it to Atlanta with time to spare. Our whole clan was together to see our beautiful healthy baby girl make her way into the world. Just the way I like it!! We are looking forward to more exciting times with our #Lucky7,” ~ Tiny

Do you think the family member was wrong for leaking the birth announcement?


  1. Yeah, they were wrong for leaking the news about the birth. But so are Tiny & Tip for bringing another kid into a marriage that's on real shaky grounds

  2. Wayment… His post said he was in SC, and did make the birth but Tiny's post said he was in Vegas and made it with time to spare??? ???? something isn't right there…

    • He did have a show scheduled at Drais in Las Vegas on the 25th but don't know if he made it or not or if his schedule changed but for such a family man he doesn't seem like he is paying his wife or this new baby a lick of attention. One would think he'd clear his schedule the 2-3 weeks BEFORE his child's due date in the event she came early….which she did. After 7 kids you'd think all parties involved would do that.

  3. Tiny thought, getting knocked up will save their marriage! When are people gonna realize, babies can't heal marriages!! 7 children, really??

  4. damn shame this boy is developing a damn football team. and the babypig face thinks that constantly poppin out babies is gonna make him a better man than what he portrays to be she's sadly mistaken. nothing but gonna keep him broke.

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