Drake & Co. Ripped of Songwriter Mo-G For 12K!

drake ripped off mo-g
HSK Exclusive — While Drake continues to cash in on his “6 God” status, word from The 6 reveals a songwriter of Drake’s very own has been gaffed … not once, but twice!!! Don’t believe me…Just ask Mo-G, who let it be known last week that Drake ripped him off!

Check the word Mo-G dropped on IG:

“Have you ever heard in the history of Hip Hop, a man gives away his creativity and helps make Billboard hits, but doesn’t get paid a dollar for it, one credit for it? Here he is stuck in the hood. That doesn’t make sense. But exposing these niggas will make sense. Fuck you bitch-ass n*ggas,” ~ Mo-G

Since Mo-G’s IG drop, sources say Drake’s manager Oliver got at Mo-G to “crack a deal for him to take down the instagram posts,” offering up $12K in Canadian dollars. DANG!? Not only does the reported “deal” appear to present shade in figures, it’s also seems to be concocted to be “a deal that never happened”. Know why? According to the word we’re getting, “Drake’s manager Oliver conned them jack-asses.”

The drop:

“Drake is out here laughing at these bum azz niggas. Oliver told dude to take down his IG post dissing Drake and that he’s pay … and Mo-G took the posts down … but Oliver never paid dude a red cent. Mo-G & his crew are still waiting to split up 12K amongst themselves.”


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  2. Makes no sense to turn ur work over to someone without a contract.

  3. Oh boy, more tricknology. Fake Jhews and 'racist' whites always try to legitmaize these fakers by claiming they are not white when they call themselves white and they could not run the show without being white. Stop the BS.

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