Pat Houston Wants To Pull Bobbi Kris Off Life Support?

Leolah Brown Crazy Town

Leolah Brown, the crazy sister of Bobby Brown, is speaking out publicly, to dispel rumors that Bobbi Kristina has been taken home to die. Leolah also claims Pat Houston told Bobby Brown to pull Bobbi Kris off life support because her care was costing too much.

Do you believe her, or is Leolah just doing what she does best by using the media to push untrue allegations she makes against her adversaries?

Here’s Leolah’s version of events:

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  1. I think she is telling the truth about Pat and everything else. I’m not trying to be judgmental of Cissy but she needs to look in the mirror.

    • We all called that shit out from the beginning. Leolah said a mouthful and some. Hmmmmmm…the part that shocked me where Leolah said Gary and Whitney do not have the same father. Now it all starting to make sense. Then again I am going back to the will. Something ain’t right. Why would she make Pat an executive of her estate? I got a strange feeling that Pat don’t finished off what she had started, her ass is going to be next. Damn, shit is done started stinking for real!

  2. Come on, after Whitney’s death Pat was plugging Her cheap, Knock-off candles on TV interview’s (the interview was about Whitney’s death, not about Pat’s candles)

    Pat looks evil!, people need to wake up!

    • Yes Pat looks very sneaky and conniving but so does Cissy Houston I’ve never appreciated that woman or trusted her she came up singing in clubs late at night so Cissy has been exposed and probably participated in a lot.

  3. Who starts a article by being bias and opinionated. I don’t understand why she has to be crazy. She sounds believable. I won’t put anything pass these greedy ass holes. God is powerful. Why is it so hard for people to believe what this woman is saying? There are people praying for this innocent young lady.

    • This fool had nothing to do with Whitney’s voice and everything to do with using her brothers and nieces tragedy to get attention and make money. Pat is Whitney’s spokesperson, manager and family who tried to keep BK from getting to this point(restraint order). This idiot is using her brothers tragedy as a stepping stone and you people are consigning it as she goes.

  4. It’s simply sad what greed, control and money do to people. Pat acts like she’s a spokesperson for Whitney, but her eyes tell a different story. It’s he the brother that hurt Whitney, when she was young? I don’t recall, but it’s all SAD. It’s al about Whitney Houston hard earned money…
    Pat was not a star or singer and will never be one.. She’s evil and so is her husband… IJS

    • Whitney Trusted her . She was the one person who tried to keep BK from this reaching this point(restraining order). It is so pathetic that people attack this woman( who so far has given a fact to demonstrate her being money hungry) but will jump on the crazy bandwagon while she makes it up as she goes

  5. Just me callin, We all notice how her behavior was since Whitney has died. Have y’all seen when she was on Oprah she forcing her on daughter on her cousin? If that wasn’t enough, poor lil Rayna was playing the piano like she didn’t want to play it. Oh boy! This is about to get good! And like I said before, Pat wants to unplugged that machine so bad cause she know if she don’t, her and Cissy is next!

  6. Leolah and her excessive paranoia fits right in with the mindset of most readers here,

    Whitney and Bobbi Kriss are dead because they were both level 10 drug addicts, not because of some sinister plot by Pat Garland and/or Clive Davis. If the family members had dealt with the drug addiction head on when the women were alive, they would possibly be alive today. But no one in the family wanted to risk being cut off from finances and perks, so they allowed the addictions to continue unabated.

    Leolah loses all credibility when she states that BK is “improving.”
    It is not “God’s way” to allow a loved one to continue to suffer because you as a family member are wracked with guilt and cannot let the person go and be released from the indignities of brain vegetation and the pain of being confined to a bed 24/7 for 6 months(the festering, infected sores are horrendous.)
    The Brown family are ghouls. They don’t love BK. If they did, they would let her go.

    • @anonymous 13:38, my loved one was in a coma for several months. Doctors and many others said “pull the plug “. I said NO. if it’s god’s will then let Him take my family member. Several months later, family member WOKE UP/came out of a coma. so i know what God can do. Yes family member was on machines and in a vegetative state.

      • Sorry Freddie, but your relative was not in a vegetative state with a liquified brain. If you are a regular reader here you know that there are MANY different kinds of comas. I am well aware that people have come out of comas years after they were in an accident, etc.

        Bobbi K is not in a coma caused by trauma to the head and brain like your loved one. BK was without oxygen for no less than 20 minutes and perhaps longer. Her brain has been profoundly damaged. Even if she were to “wake up”, she would be 100% dependent on others for every function for the rest of her life. She would never speak again, eat on her own, walk, use a bathroom, understand communications from others. She would be what we used to call “severely retarded.” Brain damage is a horrible thing. It has never been reversed by medicine or God. That’s not blasphemy, that’s the medical truth.
        If they, you or anyone feel that God ought to be the one to determine the if and when of her physical death, then allow the physicians to cease palliative care for the hundreds of maladies her tragic condition has caused. She is being given mega-antibiotics for her oozing bedsores(infection is what most often kills bed confined patients), she is being given so many drugs to keep her blood circulating, her heart pumping and her various organs functioning, she is taking drugs to counteract the negative side effects of the other drugs! Enough already. But until the family gives the physicians the go ahead to cease the absurd medicating, the docs must continue or else face the possibility of future suits.
        If you doubt any of this, do your own research and learn about the reality of Terry Schiavo and BK Brown. Read about how saddened family members project their own beliefs onto the afflicted patient. When Terry Schiavo’s husband was petitioning to have her feeding tube removed, her mother swore that Terry was communicating with her and smiled whenever she entered the room. She claimed that she “wanted so badly to live.” After Schiavo died the post mortem proved that her brain had completely liquified and she had just a small stump of a brain stem. She could feel, see, taste or sense nothing.
        Neither can BK. And my former husband is a neurosurgeon so I’m not just flapping my gums. He is horrified as are all his colleagues by the actions of the Brown family.

        • Hey Pat!!!!! Glad you could join us! You want so bad to speak word of death over BK…stop it! Let Father Yah decide along with the people who “truly” love her! You need to stop all that negative talk!

          • Fine. Go on with your superstitious beliefs while ignoring medical science.

            If God had His way she would have been dead the day that they fished her out of the tub. It’s the doctors who are keeping her alive by extraordinary means. This is not God’s design.

        • “It has never been reversed by medicine or God. That’s not blasphemy, that’s the medical truth.” While it may be a “medical truth” it’s not Gods truth. God CAN and WILL turn things around for her IF ITS IN HIS WILL. GOD CAN DO ALL THINGS including giving your ex husband the knowledge and skills to be a neurosurgeon. I’ve seen a family member with a brain tumor that resulted in her being in the state BK is in and GOD restored her completely after a year of being in a vegetable state. GOD is the way, the TRUTH an the light.

      • @13:38, it don’t matter. Pat is in a serious situation. Look at the overview of the situation. The motive is money Bobby is straight. He started his own BBQ sauce and some my friends say it is pretty good. Nick moved back to Florida, so who that leaves? Pat and Cissy. Hell Cissy look like she got one foot in the grave and the other one on a banana peel. Look at Pat. Every since that short stint of The Houstons came on OWN, U can tell right then and there something was up with Pat.

        • Bobby isn’t straight and he never will be with all the back child support and IRS bills he has to pay. Pat is a crook too, I still don’t understand why Whitney gave her so much power over her money.

          Everyone is so busy taking sides here but the truth is all of the people in this situation are evil and greedy. It’s sickening how they are playing this thing out in the public eye in order to gain our sympathies when the only person we should have sympathy for is BK for being raised around so much dysfunction.

    • I agree with you 110% 13:38. This woman only seems to come out of the woodwork when money is at stake. Where was she when BK was mourning her mothers death?

    • You sound like a fool. Whitney was murdered and attempt made on Bobbi Kristina. Its about money. Open your eyes. See the truth. Yes they were drug addicts. But it had nothing to do with the murder or attempted murder. Money is the root of all evil.

  7. The writer of the article must be working for media take out…lol bobby brown crazy sister

  8. The root of this evil is Cissy Houston. That evil witch is still lying about who introduced Whitney to hard drugs. It was her brother Gary, Cissy even admitted it, but then lied again and said it was all Bobby’s fault. Cissy ain’t isht.

  9. People believe something has never right about Pat Houston from the beginning. So maybe this lady is telling the truth.

  10. I say the same thing! Like I said about Gary isn’t a Houston. So Gary changing his last name only to get on with the inheritance. Damn…..that’s some grimey ass shit for ya!

    • He changed his last name because he considered his stepfather his father. The fact that whitney’s family is not to be trusted,but this crazy scavenger uses her family tragedy to promote lies and discord is a voice of reason is hilarious.

  11. Whitney didn’t make Pat the executor over her estate. She made her mom Cissy and she gave it over to Pat. She felt she was to old to handle it.

  12. Her brother has issued multiple statements asking the public disregard and not entertain anything that his sister and nephew states to the media. He has repeatedly stated that this scavenger does not have access to his daughter or any information about her. Yet people continue to entertain this fool as she creates havoc and lies for attention while her brother is dealing with a dying child. With family like her Bobby doesn’t have to worry about outside enemies.

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