Blind Item: Who’s Jacky Talking About? – September 25, 2015

Blind Item - Who is Jacky Talking About?

She’s gone from keepin’ a forte for Sittin’ On Top The World to plottin’ to secure herself a proper paper route — even if she’s gotta lie, cheat or steal to get it. Just ask Claudia Jordan, whose dethroning was sealed after her mic was snatched by none other than our blind item!

Sources say the move was premeditated by our blind item, making the takeover complete. But that doesn’t mean she’s done schemin’! According to our insider, “Why else would she jump on Lady Gaga’s leftovers?”

“Laurie Ann’s p*ssy smells like sh*t, but she don’t care … she’s an opportunist … and if that’s what it takes to ride with Laurie Ann’s plans to get them a reality show … that’s what it is.”

According to our sources … Puffy would have this funkdafied femmcee to thank for bringin’ him a bone. That’s because insider word points to her as Bow Wow’s source with the drop that exposed Jermaine Dupri for his So So Deceptive ways … leading Bow Wow to So So Dump JD and chose up with Puff Daddy. Don’t believe me.. Just ask French Montana!

The drop:

“She told Bow Wow All about JD’s shady ways but she’s still with JD while Bow Wow bounced and hired Puffy as his new manager.”

Now, Can you guess which lyrical lady I’m talking about?


    • I was JUST gonna SAY (DAT)!! Laughing! 😉 🙂

      “ANOTHER E-Z ONE, HSK!!!”


    • Then tell the Brat to keep her dyke mouth closed , or else bitch you get tossed up by the f*cking outlaws!

      • Never knew what brat did to piss pac off brat must have said something bout the west causr pac nevet mentioned how brat made him mad in interviews

  1. Why is this even a blind item????? Nothing about it is salacious or inflammatory.

      • Ehh, I knew at 'Sittin' on Top of the World' and seeing those 1993 Snoop Doggy Dogg dookie braids in the pic, but whatever lol

        And I guess any celeb would be a little desperate if they've been in jail for years then come back to little to no career *shrugs*+

    • I know it like low budget stink p*ssy right ? Well Laurie Ann bitch you are not alone it’s a bitch in here who p*ssy stink to high heaven right on this very site as well ! Hmmm you’d know the bitch by the fruit she bares !

      • Said the down low sucker of white man’s cocks you e-homothugs are hilarious real men don’t spend time gossiping and holding e-grudges like a simp you cocksucking freak!

        • They say a hit dog will bark … Well quit bitch we know that you don’t dusche stinky dusche bag bitch you can’t Dusche and type … 24/7 , Lol wash your stink ass p*ssy bitch and stop trying to do comebacks , lame funky ass ho !

    • CC she can make a comeback. She is going to do it while using JD to get that bread.

      • *In STEVIE J.’S VOICE*…..”WHAT ) YOU) SAID”, SIS!! 😉 Laughing!


        “GET IT??” 😉

        “GET (IT), STEVIE J.!!”….

        OK, PIZZA = ‘BREAD’, ….SO, “GET (THAT BREAD)!!”…SIMPLE EQUATION!! 😉 Laughing!

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  2. Don’t know but they’re all NASTY wannabes.. Somebody help these fools out.

  3. Is it really necessary to point what Laurie Ann’s privates smell like like it’s the most important thing to point out why Da Brat is still willing to sleep with her? And Da Brat had her day even though it was a long time ago. She was pretty popular when I was in grade school. I did the math, that was 21 years ago.

  4. The number one question is why in the hell she is still f*cking with JD period? . But she do need the bread very badly. Y’all remembered when she was in jail when she f*cked that girl up at a Halloween party. Bust her across the head with a vodka bottle. Now the girl is on anti seizure meds and has to see a neurologist for the rest of her life. Brat has her lawsuit and other folks to pay. Now if she really want the money, take Bow Wow’s advice and go to Puff. Now that Stevie is back on board, I think Brat do have another chance.

  5. Da Brat is over 40, washed up, broke and if I’m not mistaken, a convicted felon! Kids, hip hop is dead! There is no money in rap. It’s important to say in school and get a good education. If you don’t, you may end up like the brat; eating dirty p*ssy for money! That is the definition of a dyke hoe!

    • What’s to see he was and living a gay lifestyle and caught the bug , now his faggot ass is gonna waste away like all who bodies get ravaged by this man made disease!

  6. Theres money in rap just none for brat but yeah the new rappers ae getting paid but the ceos are phukking them but no brat can make no more money she needs to go onto acting

  7. I like Laurie Anne. She seem cool and down to earth. She should be off limits to get exposed. She really got talent and she seem nice. That’s f*cked up, Jackie.

    • No it’s not Jacky , pay this ho no never mind her p*ssy stink worse than Laurie Ann Laurie sweat slit and fungus drips in her stink p*ssy … ^ this bitch with a thousands names don’t wash her stink twat on purpose all to troll and be numero uno on your site and reply to every person who post , no time for soap and water or Summer’s eve … So she relates to funky bitches ! … Jacky nothing to see here!

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