Chief Keef’s Story Surrounding Compton Pot Shop Turned Crime Scene Doesn’t Add Up!

Chief Keef & Wold Da Boss

Chief Keef is mourning the shooting death of one his former Glo Gang associates, Wolf Da Boss. Wolf was one of two victims gunned down in a Compton weed shop initially thought to be owned by Sosa.

You’ll recall … Wolf, born Marqese Tann, 36, and Terrence Brown, 53, were both found dead inside ‘Chief Keef Glo Shop’, Wednesday night. Most recently, during an interview with the LA Times, Sosa’s manager Uncle Ro denied the rapper’s ownership of the marijuana dispensary shop, claiming “a fan” opened the shop unbeknownst to Sosa. “If it was ours, it would have a lot more class,” he said.

“Chief Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart, has never been to the shop on East Compton Boulevard, his manager, Rovaun Manuel, said Thursday.”

Then, there’s this:

Chief Keef announced the shop’s opening in instagram, last October. Chief Keef did not reveal the location of the shop, but the exterior of the business, a single-story building painted green, resembled the same one involved in Wednesday’s shooting.

Here’s what Chief Keef wrote last year on his instagram about his partner Wolf who was found dead in the marijuana dispensary:

“Me an @wolf_daboss just opened a new GLO gang weed shop were u can find me an my OG… Open tomorrow from 10:00 to 12:00 7 days a week gang.”



  1. this idiot been in gang fights he fired at rival gang members his cousin was killed, he was involved in a homicide and he somehow got off, he makes babies like he can afford them and his music aint that good for him to support those kids now another associate killed.

    f*ck the rap game everytime you look around somebody being killed or going to jsil for just acting like a thug bobby smurda, lil boosie, wayne, jeezy, and Gucci’s butterfly McQueen ass.

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