Blind Item: Who is Jacky Talking About? – September 30, 2015


Dallas was the city where this R&B singing blind item was caught french-kissing another man backstage, just a few years back. It’s a groupie situation that may have set the stage for why our blind item’s current BF doesn’t love the ties he keeps with his fans.

“His boyfriend was mad at him & they were fighting because his boyfriend thought he was getting too close to his groupies.”

According to industry insiders, the identity of our blind item’s boyfriend is revealed in his “Put That Woman First” music video — timecode 2:57, to be specific. That’s where you’ll see dude’s bromancer, “holding an umbrella walking with a woman in the rain.”

The drop:

“My husband and I saw him giving his boyfriend a rose and they hugged and kissed afterwards. I was shocked!”


  1. All industry dudes are gay. You don't need to keep us all informed any more Jacky, we get the drift.

    • If you want to be famous, you have to sit on the homo casting couch. Every celebrity has done it. WIll Smith, Jamie Foxx, LL Cool J, even Denzel Washington.

  2. Starting to realize why going to jail is a way of life…and why some black men keep going back to jail. An excuse to be in the environment where homosexuality is prevelant.

  3. Watched the "Put That Woman First" video and saw it from a different perspective this time. After 2:57 you see Jaheim flipping the shyt because dude was holding the umbrella walking with this chick. I used to think he was mad cuz dude stole his girl, but now I see he was mad cuz the girl stole his dude lol

    Look at the video, it's makes more sense this way.

  4. This is old. If you ever been to his concerts
    And see him (throwing) roses to the women in the audience (not tossing). He could care less about a female. I miss Gerald levert, he was a ladies man and could sing his a$$ off!

  5. I feel you, watched it again with a different perspective… "not Jahiem noooooooo i don't wanna believe it"…..buuuut at this point with me and the music industry I wouldn't put shit pass NONE of them…. much as I love OPRAH for her business savviness lol.. I AM CONVINCED GAIL KING IS HER GIRLFRIEND/LOVER/SIGNIFACANT OTHER/CUT FRIEND/BFF/WIFEY and whatever else people calling it these days, no one can make ME believe otherwise lol… but seriously, I'm only interested in their talent cause their personal lives, although is considered "Good Tea" to us Non-Entertainers, is sad/dreary/drab/depressing/etc….. but "Jahiem tho!! lol"

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