Young Thug Watches Gay Porn In The Studio (Video)

young thug gay

Young Thug had some man-on-man action playing on the TV in the studio while he was recording.

We already know that Thugger prefers dudes and his previously relationship with Jerrika Karlae was a financial one as she was acting as his beard to throw off the scent of what he’s really into.

As previously reported, his sister, Amina, is his manager and wants Young to stay closeted and appear as a straight thug rapper.

young thug gay porn

He’s not doing himself any favors in the PR department by letting video footage leak of him and his boys in the studio with gay porn playing in the background.   Well, guess a rapper can use whatever helps him sound “hard” on the mic.


  1. If his sister was serious about him looking straight she would have told him to not to wear her dresses

    • @CC, "EXACTLY!!"

      "THAT'S (HIS 'BRAND'), NOW!!"


      "SICK 'KNEE-GROW'!!"


  2. Its obvious this negroe is a fag. I mean come on, even Stevie Wonder can see this coming.

  3. I hate to do this again but….

    Homies over hoes, homies over hoes
    Do the homie, Do the homie!!!

    • @asap, YOU (ALLLL-REA-DY KNOW)!!

      "HE'S (A FAGGOT)!!" 😛


  4. Lol a whole bunch of black duded shooting pool, watching white dudes get down…ctfu.

    • man come on you know they know they gotta succumb to massa!! else they wont get to eat today!! hahahahahaa

      • *@lip pucker*, I THOUGHT A THAT YOU were gonna SAY, (SAY/TYPE/TEXT), "THEY'VE GOT TO SUCK MASSA!!", OR "ELSE they (WON'T) GET TO EAT TODAY!!"

        PROBABLY SO!! Laughing!

  5. Another gay BM what else is new? BM love each other- madly. LOL LOL!!!!!!!!

    Now a married straight BM living with and raising kids=TRUE KING.

    • never gonna happen. and by the way, how much are you selling that unicorn for again? lol

      • LOL. You right about that. The only black males I call KING/KANG are those married to BW and in the house raising their black kids. Black males need to raise their sons. Men raise sons in other cultures. Our culture is so f*cked up.

        • yep then these niggas wanna reap the benefit of how the men of other races raise their own daughters and treat their own women. so wack lol

    • @13:07, I LOVE "(TRUE) KINGS!!!"


      "NON (INDUSTRY) MEN!!" 😉

  6. Noticed that too! How many other guys were in the room 10?
    Watching white boy gay porn.
    This man is NOT even close to being straight….

  7. The eye-candy for us females in hip-hop is hard to find.

    LIL B
    Cross-Dressing Rapper Mykki Blanco Admits He is HIV Positive
    Young Thug & Crew
    Wiz Khalifa
    Asap Rocky
    Lil Wayne
    And the list goes on and on….

  8. All and I mean all the rappers gay I knew it , the athletes and movie people all are to. you are not ah straight man if you want anything sexual from another man period.

    Been on today wit this topic its and Obamanation
    Terrible smh

  9. All and I mean all the rappers gay I knew it , the athletes and movie actors , and actresses. an all government all are to. you gay if you want anything sexual from another man period.

    Shit s nasty cuz

  10. Unlike the undercover s walking around and beating on women with bitch like ways. He's real about his shit. I respect him for keeping it gully. Most men take anal play on the low and talking about I'm heterosexual. …lol f*ck outta here str8

  11. He’s gay, so what. A bunch of artists are gay.
    Yall act like homosexuality was just invented. ?

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