Blind Item: Who is Jacky Talking About? – October 21, 2015


Today’s blind item’s recent near death experience will be part of his wife’s story-line on her families reality show.

Our blind item is still under contract with the E Network, bound to make a certain number of appearences on the hit reality show. His wife his currently planning to use her husbands recent tragedy for television ratings gold.

“Her mother told her to stay by his bedside at the hospital and to be at his side when he goes to rehab only to get ratings for their dying reality show”

Can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. Sorry, you guys are usually pretty accurate, but I don't believe that PMK is behind Khloe staying with Lamar. I believe that Khloe loves Lamar, period. She's dumped Harden and she has sworn to see Lamar through his months of physical rehabilitation in LA. Will some of this be on TV? Maybe. But the E! crews were NOT in Las Vegas shooting film for the E! series. Whatever was filmed was shot by papps and people's phones.
    I would like to see Lamar finally get well, and i think Khloe feels the same. I don't give a shit what PMK and the rest of the coven think.

  2. Please take them off TV hell take the whole family off the planet this is not a blind story at all people are now catching on to them so hopefully this will be coming to an end and dear god no spin off shows.

    • That went wrong. It makes you wonder, if public outrage had been less would he still be alive?

      • Yeh that got goofed up. He was annouced ill on the 8th anniversary of that slut piece of shit show. He is not to be here. He got lucky if you want to be called lucky, controlled by a family of white witches. Whoops that is what every black males dreams of a rich white women taking care of him. welp they sure do know how to take care of a male, LOL!!

          • Everything I wrote is true. Lamar will be usesd as a laughingstock and if I were a black male I'd be pissed off that he's image used around the world to further emasculate black males. Thats whats up. This is a no-big-upping-white-trash-whores.

  3. @ scorpiess that's because it what just a warning to him not to do that tell all book that him and Scott and Robert were going to do together what better way to stop him try to Kill him put Scott in a recovery center and rob I have no clue were he is they will stop at nothing to keep their secrets their secrets.

  4. The Ks are getting a huge backlash about Lamar tragedy. If they put any of this on their show, I guarantee there will be outrage that not even Kris or TMZ will be able to overcome.

    • Yeh even the dumb mammies who ride for that family of whores are upset. It takes alot for black sucker women to turn on their white trash female heroes.

      • Those mammies are why your sucker ass exists. Stop disrespecting your mother….all your ancestors carry African DNA. Read a book dumb ass!

    • Bullshit. 10 million dollars is chicken feed to them. Risk their empire of close to a billion (cumulatively)
      over 10 million? that's laughable.

  5. Yes doctors can be paid off. The Kardashians own the media . This is just another episode for their show. They planned this whole thing. I'm sure they paid the prostitutes to drug Lamar because he was bout to spill the tea on them. Look up Kekel Kardashian!

  6. I hope he get a Will so his father won't b left out in the cold as well as his aunt who raised him

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