James Harden Blindsided By News Of Khloe Re-Marrying Lamar

khloe kardashian james harden

Some good has come out of Lamar Odom’s overdose – well, not if you ask James Harden – as him and Khloe have begun to reconcile and have called off their divorce.

Khloe has been by Lamar’s side the entire time he has been going through this health crisis, and now she has withdrawn her petition for divorce from the former Lakers big man.   They have decided that they want to remain married, and she even has plans to renovate her home into a rehabilitation while her (formerly estranged) husband recovers.

Before Odom was found unconscious in a brothel his wife was dating NBA First Team guard, James Harden.  It was that relationship which had driven LO to go off the deep end actually, but Khloe put that on hold while she tended to Lamar.

Harden had allowed her time to be by her ex while he recovered, but was under the impression he and Khloe were still together, “James was fine with giving Khloe time and space to deal with Lamar, but never thought she would call off the divorce.”

The Beard had no idea him and Ms. Kardashian were through until he heard news that she had called off the divorce.

“James legitimately thought that they were still an item but this obviously makes things loud and clear that he is yesterday’s news.”


  1. He's just mad he won't be able to take advantage of that kardashian fame like French Montana did lol.

    And re-marry? They are still married. This looks like a MTO headline lol.

  2. So to some it all up all of this was done so at the end of the day there will be a wedding renewal on one of the season last show like it is at every last end of the shows .

  3. Two professional black basketball players screwing around with a ugly white bitch! This is one of several reasons why black women are so pissed off at black men. Brothers, we have to do better; leave these ugly beckys alone!

      • She's not just ugly… she's ugly af with those overinflated protruding duck lips. Kind of resemble Shrek with a wig on.. and those excessive a s s shots are hideous on her Popsicle stick legs.

  4. The Lord rescues this dude who looks like he could be on Duck Dynasty from the Koven's Klutches and this is the thanks he gives? Y'all see now why the Lord gets stingy with his miracles sometimes? Dude needs to be on his knees screaming "Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!" instead of nursing his broken heart.

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