Who’s Jacky Talking About? – October 17, 2014


Our blind item today is the current WBC welterweight champ. He was unaware a member of his entourage was using him to traffic cocaine across the country.

When his homey, Marcus Coats, would board private jets with the champ his luggage was filled with bricks of cocaine.

Here are the deatils from a law enforcement source familiar with the investigation:

“Marcus recently got busted and he said he’s not going down alone.¬†Marcus told the FED’s how he was transporting the coke to his connections in other States.

Now, the FED’s have added _______ to their investigation.”

Can you guess who I’m talking about?




    • If indeed it’ s Floyd M. The article says he(Floyd) was NOT aware his home boys were using his plane to traffic drugs

    • Floyd Mayweather. He is the WBC welterweight champ. Smh! I don’t get it though with all the money his ass is making why he is still trying to be a hood nigga. What a dumbass!

        • I was speaking about his crew and Floyd’s hood mentality. Imo those guys seem like a bunch of thugs.

        • Do you really believe that he isn’t aware of what’s happening and the characters that’s been hanging out with him? Wasn’t he invited by NSAC recently to explain the weed use shown in his all- access episode? You can clearly put 2 and 2 together here.

      • You are correct, ARSL. Floyd has too many hangers-on around him. I don’t think he is unaware that there are drugs around him when hr furnishes alcohol and marijuana while claiming not to get drunk or high. He has a bad gambling habit. I wouldn’t be surprised if his greedy, narcissistic ass was the Black Pablo Escobar, especially in Vegas.

        • @ B. Stiviano ,

          “Floyd has too many hangers-on”

          Say it one more time please.
          Word in the streets is he bought Porsha Stewart a Rolls Royce. To drop that much money on a non wife is ridiculous.

          • I heard it was the African billionaire that got her that car? Whatever. Either way she probably got it from slangin cootchie cuz I know her LOL guest dj gig doesn’t pay that much.

            • Anon 17:25

              I heard it was African as well, but I read somewhere else it was really Flod Mayweather.

              Did I see it here?

            • Anon17:25

              You and Radiant are right. The only story I could find was about the African Billionaire.

  2. REALLY? Floyd Mayweather?LMAOOOOOOOO!omg what the hell wrong wit you floyd?u have money well you know what they say about greed?it always get you caught! Floyd are you crazy?I just can’t believe suma the stupidest shit that’s goen on out here lol omg!unbelievable

  3. Yall got to be the dumbest mufukkas ever if you think Floyd selling dope! This nigga in his crew might be hustling on the side without Floyd’s knowledge but Floyd got hundreds of millions and is probably gonna earn at least over a hundred more before he retires. Now we all know that niggas will lie on any and everybody when them ABC boys snatch they ass up.

    • Exactly! Why in the hell better yet what the Floyd is going to jepordized his shit on a duffle bag of kilos? In that the case, he might as well move to South American and start a cartel! That dude is not going to f*ck up his career cause his henchmen wannabe greedy. Dude is ratting because he is afraid of some (in the words of my homeboy Tank say) Booty Sweat! Lmao!

  4. I smell a set up. Seems to me that Floyd has pissed the elite off and they are doing all they can to damage him. He is not complying with something they told him to do. This is not adding up. Floyd is the highest paid athlete at this time and he does not need any money. You people can’t be stupid enough not to see he is being set up. The Boule is behind this.

  5. I don’t think he is being set up, I think he needs to a luggage check before letting these bottom feeder board his plane. Even still lets see what happens.

    Didn’t the Hilton’s get caught trafficking but the media blacked it out.

  6. Why is your site the only site reporting this? Why its not on the news since Floyd is the champ?

  7. Nelly also. This happens often. Sometimes they know. Sometimes not. Floyd thinks he in untouchable. Mighta been his idea.

    • Lil’ Wayne, too. Carriers always have dope on these dumb mfs tour buses and planes. Even if the athletes and entertainers don’t know, it is still guilt by association.

  8. If I’m a 25 grand a year flunky fa Floyd but flossin a 70k ride and 8k watch how that do? Stop. It.

  9. Floyd Mayweahter Shouldn’t Of Defended Justine Bieber Because Justine Won’t Do It For Him
    I Was Watching Floyd Mayweather Documentry When He Was Talking To Drake In His Dress Room. He Shood The Camera Away I thought
    It Was Strange!! Maybe He’s Informing Drake About The Elite Or Sex

  10. damn, Damn, Damn

    Floyd may have the money, but his crew was looking for supplemental income.

    i guess all that flashing of cash on instagram and twitter – brought the Feds to his door!

  11. Hold up! I know this fool is not bringing down a multi millionaire down because his ass wants to be greedy. Floyd may be of many things but dummy is not one of them. Dude might wanna rethink his strategy because Floyd can beat this. The question the Feds is going to ask Floyd is why are you transporting kilos and knowning you are a prize fighter? Now that’s is going to be a good damn question and the answer is for that is going to be a good damn common sense answer.

    • Sorry I get the impression he is a dummy. All his money in one bank account. Bragging every Monday about Vegas winnings on Sunday. Dumb ass shit every week.

    • Dummy Alert Dummy Alert Floyd ass is dumb enough to have a bunch of leaching ass niggas and bitches around him for no reason and u might be dumb as Floyd if u think the feds wont throw his rich nigga ass in jail for financing a multi city cocaine operation

      • What flunky can afford five keys to get started? Somebody bankrolled that shit. This shit aint hard to figure out.

  12. This is a set up. There is no layalty amongst devils. Floyd is getting to big headed and they’re about to give him a reality check! He done pissed off one of his boyfriends.

  13. I don’t know about a set up but floyd seems to have a crew that is willing to take the fall for him. First it was the counterfeit money, now this.

    • If things get to hot for mayweather, I’m sure one of his many women is programmed to take the fall… why else would he have so many broke ass women around him.

    • The feds like to use something called conspiracy especially in drug cases they will have no problem bringing the whole money team down

  14. Floyd has transported drugs before knowingly AND HAS participated in the drug game and made money off of it. FACT. He used to hang with street dudes and did business with them. I wouldn’t doubt that he knew what his friend was doing but could always fall back on he didn’t know and why would he need to sell drugs.

  15. Don’t ever forget how much FLoyd gambles. He has been broke before even when he was making million upon millions a fight. If you gamble 800k on one fight you don’t always win 1.4 million sometimes you lose.

  16. When the powers that be can no longer make money off of Floyd, he will lose everything. Who are the powers that be?

    1. MGM International Resorts
    2. CBS/Viacom
    3. ESPN/Disney
    4. Nevada State Athletic Commission

    Trust me Floyd will not retire rich. Floyd will fall just like every other black boxer before him. Real gangsters move in silence and soon they will move in on Floyd and take everything he owns. They may even take his freedom.

  17. Alright now. Let’s use common sense on this subject. Floyd don’t drink nor do drugs because of the strict policy of illegal use of the drugs. In other words to enhance the performance of that athlete so he can win and make more money. Illegal doping can cause you to lose everything and Floyd is not taking no chances. So this dumbass dude rat on Floyd, Floyd will lose every damn thing he fought hard for.

  18. daradiant

    What are you talking about illegal doping. Moving weight is not illegal doping.

    And Floyd does drink and he does use drugs, anyone in his inner circle knows this. Hopefully him and all his hoes werent snorting all that work. lol, he does drink and uses drugs. I doubt he dopes because he doesn’t have to.

    • In a way it is. Think about it. You are using one substance to enhance another substance to make a product that can give U that boost or extra high. Steroids is the main drug. We all know it has a little bit if coke in it. Another drug is also in it but can’t think if it right now. Why do you think they ban the use of it for athletes? If Floyd smoke weed fine, but he better be careful on that shit as well.

        • How I am an idiot? Think about it. All those damn drugs around us has to use an illegal substance to make it work. Morphine, Oxytocin, Steroids, Dudalid, (ms). Shit can’t work without a stimulate. Why U think U can’t get morphine on a pill?

  19. This the smell of Illuminati all over it. This is not about the guy who smuggled the drugs….they are after Floyd. Could be time for Floyd to offer a sacrifice and he refused so they are setting him up using a member of his crew to do it. Don’t you people be so dumb and gullible. I smell a rat in all of this. Floyd is being targeted.

    • Floyd is overdue for a sacrifice and he refuses and so they are trying to set him up. When you make as much money as Floyd has made from his last two fights you must make a sacrifice to the elite or they will make your life a living hell. Don’t believe me,ask John Travolta what they told him when he got his call from the high priest Jim Carey.

  20. I need more info of which I have yet to find before I can believe this story. True enough…Floyd’s life has been running on “auto pilot” for quite some time coupled with the fact that he is completely surrounds himself with people who mean he absolutely NO GOOD. Members of “The Money Team” are comprised of thieves, leeches & are some of Floyd’s biggest enemies as are those women he pays to hang around…
    This includes that thieving hussy Shantel Jackson as well.

    I could go on to discuss the poor character of some of Floyd’s children & their mothers in addition to the need to have Justin Beiber around so often but I’ll stop here because its all pointless. We all are for certain to see Floyd continue his foolishness or we see his complete & total demise. I’m just not so sure which if not both.

    Instead of talking about him & speculating about what may be going on we should pray for him. It’s been clear for quite awhile that there is a conspiracy in motion by SEVERAL people/entities to extract &/or extort money from Floyd.

    • Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson and plenty of other athletes have shown him and the rest of us what happens after their skills go. Hell Tyson even made a documentary about it.
      The checks stop coming in but the Uncle Sam and child support bills don’t. I’m sorry Ms Reg, I can’t with this fool.

      And his relationship with Beiber is just too weird to even think about.

      • Say Cheese,

        I’m a woman first then a wife then a mother. Having said it in this manner I’m sure you’ll get where I’m going with this…

        “There are far too many pictures of Justin Briber kissing Floyd’s 14 yr old daughter on her cheeck for comfort.” You couple this with comments made by Iyanna Mayweather via social media & the fact that her own mother refers her as “the most independent woman she knows”… WTF???


        I could go on…I’ve observed a while lot but all I can say is Floyd is got far more problems than our naked eyes can see…smdh!

        • Ms Reg Says!
          I didn’t know anything about Floyd’s daughter so I just looked her up and girl we are seeing the same damn thing. Without throwing out accusations, let’s just say something is not right about the way that little girl dresses and comments on Twitter. People think celebrities and their kids are living the greatest lives but I just don’t see it.

    • No Ms. Meg it’s not about extorting money from him, the illuminati just simply wants him to fight Manny Pacquiao. They’re tired of his excuses.

  21. This is quite off topic, however, this was not truly covered as highly as it should have been in mainstream media for very obvious reasons. Nonetheless, here is a REAL story about a little bit of drugs & the consequences thereof.

    “The son of Hollywood actor Jackie Chan has been arrested on drug-related charges, Chinese state media say.”



  22. Floyd Made His Fans Angry By Showing Off His Money On Inagram

    Why Does This Nicca Use Cash!???? A Credit Card Is Safer

  23. Thought Your Nicca And Niccette Would Piece This Shyt Together Guess Not!! 2 Months Ago Jacky Did An Article About
    Floyd Fucking Miss Piggy Tiny In Las Vega. And T.I Wanted To Fight Him But Floyd Said No!!!
    Nothing How T.I Rolls He Probably Set Up Floyd For Fucking His Wife!!

  24. Reading is FUNDAMENTAL…it clearly says UNAWARE.

    Our blind item today is the current WBC welterweight champ. He was unaware a member of his entourage was using him to traffic cocaine across the country.

  25. TMT = There’s no surprise if they’re link to drug smuggling. Floyd really has something to do with this imagine how he promote his showtime illegaly by making fake/illegal footage… SMH

  26. they always “unaware” aint they? looks like Floyd’s days of ducking manny pacquio r numbered.

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