Cam’ron Fights Ebola


The Dipset founder Cam’ron, jumped on instagram to debut his new fashionable surgeon mask to protect Americans from Ebola.


  1. SMH I aint even mad at him though, people are about to make an exorbitant amount of money off this virus before it’s over. NEXT!

  2. Black people are so ignorant. The nurse that caught ebloa from Duncan had on a face mask and plastic body gear and she still contracted the virus. I guess it may kill camron to actually read up on things rather than imamate other ignorant folks

  3. This dude is always doing something extra! He need to have several seats and grow the hell up. too old to be the class clown.

  4. Too bad it wasn’t made to target these fake rappers. Somebody just do away with them all ready please.

  5. Already…I don’t know why people are all up in a frenzy over this Ebola mess. Remember only the wicked lives in fear. What’s next Amerikkka, killer hotdogs? Microwaves eating people? Ramen Noodles cause alien like features? Puff Daddy is straight? Beyawnce had a real baby? Blacks will become multi- billionaires?

  6. Can someone say Ebola crisis actors,false flag,scare tactics, propaganda, we would all have it if these media stories where true, people wake up..foreal son

    • Be it real or imagined, the threat to harm and disperse such a deadly virus ,has been in the works for awhile now.

    • Look at Ole Juicy Fruit he must think that picture makes him look cute you look like a faggy Camron ebola aint no joke

  7. Coon as Camron this is just as bad and JayZ trying to make money off of the Occupy movement. People seem to forget that coon tried to make money off of others misfortune…this coon is making money off of the Ebola misfortune of people. How much is Camron donating to Liberia and Africa?…..((CRICKETS)))!…SMDH! As black people with wealth and fame, we shoudl demand better….PERIOD!!!!! #CooningGoesWRONG

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