Who’s Jacky Talking About? – August 7, 2014


While this reality star perceived herself as a woman who was keeping true to her newly incarcerated man… she may have been holding back one vital piece of info. According to our source… that’s because “she was smashing Andrew Hardy while her baby daddy was in jail.”

Today… we’re told she’s four-months pregnant for the widely known snitch. And guess what? He’s reported to be “cheating on her with a side chick from Harlem.”

Dig the RRRATCHET Drop:

  • He snitched on his own brother to get out of jail early.
  • She keeps a messy home with dirty dishes around the house, some dirty dishes can even be found under her bed.
  • When he was away-our she’d let Andrew drive her car, give him money and even gave him access to her baby daddy’s belongings.
  • She’s giving away her pom pom like a backpage whore… ask Wilson Chandler.

Now… Can you guess who I’m talking about?

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  1. Okay, not saying this can’t be true. It just seems a little fishy and way late. Didn’t Mendeecees get out of jail in late March early April? That would be about 4 months right **side eye**

  2. The couple from LHHNY..
    I don’t know their name, but they mentioned Harlem..

  3. Yandy preganant again??? I always knew she was a dirt foot. Trying to portray herself as a class act female boss business woman. She should have never opened up her life but kept being on the show representing artist.

  4. weak ass bytch should of locked up her p*ssy!! but she let random man run up through her not a good look yand

  5. yandi hoping on another man’s d*ck means your nasty slut!! your greedy bytch you already got a d*ck locked up
    also she was screwing rich dollaz that no good d*ck!!!

  6. Yandy’s nasty “A”.(I kinda liked her because she was the most drama free. Shame on me. Never get comfortable with an “Expoit ’em” Mona protégé.) No wonder we didn’t see any of Yandy and Mendeecees home. The camera only filmed tight shots/close ups of them sleeping on a pull out couch. When they sent Lil Mendeecees to bed he looked like he really didn’t want to go. LOL We didn’t even see a view of the new baby’s crib. Heck, Tara and Peter Gunz gave us a glimpse of their digs and even Duchess from Black Ink allowed wide shots of her living room when she and Ceaser fought. jao

  7. @ Starr who in the hell wants Jim? Really isn’t he a sword fighter. Ijs as far as yandy I like her she was about business she’s was trying to be a little slick but not very good at it lol

    • I need to get out more often. I had to Google “sword fighter”. (Just to be sure)lol Sword Fighter or not, Jim looks like he needs a bath in Lysol, Pine Sol and Clorox.(Yuck) I can’t image anyone, male or female finding Jim attractive. I guess Chrissy uses money like Fabreeze.

      • From someone i know who phucked Jim Jones
        He got a HUGE dick
        Not saying thats a good thing but maybe thats 1 of the reasons Chrissy dig him

        • Maybe? I caught how you didn’t specify if the person was male or female. I respect that. 🙂

          • Lol @ur comment @baybek8s, but it was a female
            She also said she did it with Camron too
            When i asked her who was the better lover she said Jim Jones was. I asked was she sure she said without any doubt and that Camrons dyck was big but Jims was gigantic 🙂

            • KMSL! Thanks for clarifying. You never can tell these days. Jacky exposing EVERYBODY.

          • @BaybeK8s, I dig what u r saying and u r not too far off, lol!
            I also heard a few tales from some horses mouth
            So u r not 2 far off, lol! 😉

    • I want to know too. Google only talks about Mickey Rooney. Jacky, we want to know who is Andrew Hardy?

      • @LonJ I think I found it…www.cbsnews.com/…/mcdonalds-stabbing-victim-not-coopera…
        CBS News
        Jun 26, 2014 – Police say Andrew Hardy, who walked into a Queens McDonald’s with a knife protruding from his back, has multiple arrests and isn’t providing …

        • Lol, i saw the pix too but i think its a different Andrew Hardy. Yandy like those young street boyz and this guy does not look like her type, lol 🙂

          • He does look a bit rough.(putting it nicely)but I wouldn’t be surprised if this really was the man Yandy was with and he was some big time “music producer”. (Everybody is a producer or a rapper on LHH) There is no telling with Mona and her subjects.(giggles)It looks like we are going to have to wait on Jacky to tell us who is this mystery man. Please Jacky please.

  8. its obvious they all screw and f*ck each other one after another they aint foolin nobody lmfao i wouldnt be surprised if Mona Scott Young and all of those camera crews are involved in orgies too SMH

      • No u are the bugout and disinformation agent @philly
        How much do they pay u to troll and clean up?

    • English is english no matter what race u are
      Smh. U sound very ignorant @philly
      Where do u live? In a section 8 ghetto? Speaking ebonics? Smh

    • I say gross at least 3 times a day and I am as black as anyone. You need to get out more.

    • Yes it is! I remembered them! On that last episode on LHHNY Tara did go out with Aaron and if I’m not mistaken it was Handy that took her to that place where she jump from a platform to break away from Peter’s lies. That’s how Tara met Aaron. They all went out to meet Yandy.Tara had on this blonde wig on.

  9. What’s wrong with her not putting her life on hold while her man was locked up looking at 20years. He did the crime, not her. Why should her world stop? The only person she owes an explanation to is Mendeecees and if he’s a real dude, he would understand her choice to proceed. How do any of you know she’s nasty? What ya’ll got eyes in her p*ssy. Stop the b.s. I’m sure some of you whores probably eat 40 dicks in 30 days. Don’t be so invested in another woman’s twat.

    • Nope…Not I! Don’t have time to be experimenting no man’s dick. I happy to be satisfied by one and only one.

    • PBP:

      Thank you. That’s what folks do here, though. They will make assumptions about what the next woman does because they wish they were doing something other than speculating about complete strangers’ lives. Well stated!

  10. Y’all talkin bout big & gigantic penises like that’s what’s up…who wants that? I would rather forego a big or giant penis stretching out my walls! Not to mention the pain…how can females enjoy that? Nah man…I’ve made it this far with my walls intact. Having good solid walls is ONE of the reason my husband married me, plus I ain’t have a lot of miles on my box. Some women’s snatch is like a Toyota Corolla…the odometer done turned over 2 & 3x…

    • I was thinking the same thing. And very un-lady like.

      As for Yandy, she is the true definition of a female hustler, none of this blind shit can f*ck with the fact she is worth an est 15 million. I thought a hoe f*cked for cash and a Thot for fame? She got both already. Pls stop using those words so loosely or better yet make sure the same rules apply to you. Bye Felicia’s!

    • some women can take it! we are all built differently, u dont have to be a hoe or have no walls to like a tig ol beefcake!And if ur vagina doesn’t retract after sex u have some bigger issues going on. aint nobody judging u or ur average to below average sized man so keep it cute lol we all grown

    • Say that! Interest in another woman’s love life, more less what HER walls can take is well over my head, as it should be. All this putting 50 on a 2 is bullshit.It’s not that serious!

  11. ^^^Yandy, is that you? Well, you didnt deny the Drew Hardy Cat? Yup, you are a hustler…are you semi gansta too, did your uptown ass stab drew in the back? Lmbo. #clarityboo…transparent.

  12. Not all women are looking for the same thang. As long as my man cum quick the first time, I know it I felt so good, he’ll stay longer the next time.

  13. No man on earth can wear a p*ssy out. It doesn’t matter how big or how small p*ssy will all snap back so for any man to comment on a p*ssy bye.

    • Sweetheart, if ALL pussies have snap back, there would be NO need for vaginal mesh, tightenings, etc. The average woman don’t even exercise her vagina, & no I don’t mean sex either. Most mothers didn’t know themselves to exercise, so they couldn’t talk to their daughters. As women & mother’s, we have to seriously step our game up.

      • KEGELS!!! And a little vinegar in the bath *whip sound* SNAP DAT PUSSY BACK *Mike Epps voice*

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