Chris Brown Joins the EataBooty Club



Just in case you missed Breezy’s EataBooty IG blast — which has since been deleted from the singer’s account — we’ve got the pic. The caption broke down to Breezy revealing he gets right down to his bedroom biz: #idgt lol.

“I don’t got time, LOL” – Chris Brown

Peep the Pic:



  1. So he likes to toss the salad I see. Nothing wrong with that IMO. As long as the booty is clean why not? …

  2. C mon chris I though u were tryin to get urself together whats up wit this nasty shitI wouldnt be lettin people know I eat booty keep that shit to urself

  3. Given the topic, ya’ll just had to use that pic with his mouth all open, didn’t you. Lol. Messy asses, (no pun intended.)

  4. That’s nasty NASTY! PERIOD! I Don’t care which why you toss it, dip it, turl it, lick it. There are all kinds of live parasites that are found in the hair around the area that your salad is tossed in. I swear ppl are gross. But thats just ME! Bon appétit tous ceux qui aiment les matières fécales!

    • I don’t know what you said in that last part but it had something to do with feces LOL

      • She said: eat up , those of you who like feces. Funny but gross. Maybe the time he spent on prison recently gave him an appetite for buns, lol

  5. Desperation reached new heights. Now you have to have someone take a picture of you doing something sexual to hypnotize the masses into nothingness.


  6. Poor chris the demon has really got this boy gon that thing they call the music industry has destroyed him I pray for him cause he really is talented unlike othersI hope they dont they dont finish him sad.

    • I feel you beauty. The world seems to vilify this young man. I pray from him.

    • He appears to be in deep. It’s not about him liking booty. But to post a pic like that publicity, esp after vowing to turn his life around and stay positive….he appears to be slipping over the rails once again. A lot of his problems are self created but I Still feel sympathy for him.

      • GPH That is exactly what I was thinking word for word. Even though he stays slippin’ there is a vulnerable quality about him, which probably stems from the knowledge of the sexual abuse he endured as a boy, which makes me keep hoping for him to succeed.

  7. Straight men don’t post shit like this. Hey dog take a picture of me eatin ass right quick. Riiiightt.

  8. Ok that’s is just gross.why are they pushing the ass eating agenda ass has nothing to do AT ALL in the act of lovemaking. and I don’t care what anybody say that’s my word in definite.

  9. YUCK my ex did that the first time we had sex and I was like really though?? I thought it was gross and I did not kiss him at all. this is why he did not work. no telling how many other asses he licked.. and It did not feel good at all it just felt like your getting your butt licked.

  10. chris is making progress at least hes not putting his hands on women.

    yes chris eat a girl’s ass out don’t strike her violently.

  11. Eating a woman’s is vagina is bad to some people and eating P if the woman has a HPV can cause throat cancer, so eating anything on a woman like her P or her butt carries germs if that woman is not clean some goes for a mam if a woman sucks his D or rims his butt, it’s about people not cleaning themselves and not being faithful to one partner

  12. It looks like he’s eating and it’s so good that the girl had to squeeze her legs together because the feeling was to much 😉

  13. That’s a reply to Kevin Gates 2nd video talking about the people commenting on him saying he the 2nd video he said “I Don’t Get Tired!”#IDGT

  14. I pray Chris gets his life together. But, I am definitely a fan and I see he’s a fan of the chocolate. Eww wee

  15. #idgt = I don’t get tired.

    Chris Brown has been copying Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates’ multiple #idgt videos from Instagram. Kevin has a video where he states that he eats the booty. I guess Chris is following suit lol.

  16. I don’t see anything wrong with this! Lol I am a straight woman & my man does this for me all the time. I love the feeling & he loves my reaction…I keep it clean, so we’re both happy! 🙂

  17. U can scrub yo ass with comet and bleach ain’t no way thats happening!yuck.

  18. @beauty and prettyredbone…I agree…Chris is incredibly talented…I just want him to get out of his way and claim his crown…AFTER he brush, floss and gargle tho…

  19. There is absolutely nothing wrong with exploring, as long as its your mate. Now, doing this with some random chicks, disgusting. End up with a aka “lil Bumpy”…

  20. This is part if the madness chris gotta take part of to get back in the brotherhood good graces. It’s all about being demonic & dumbfounding the masses, y’all did see Chris wear the dress @the 2014 bet awards, yes it was a dress.

    • I’m pretty sure that the “brotherhood” would rather see Chris back on track so he can produce some revenue for them. And this isn’t the way to do it. It’s a turn off for most men and women.
      Like Crazy Chris said, he’s just a freak. Not all aberrant behavior is part of a conspiracy. Some people just roll like that.

      Just want to know, is there any black celeb who died or acted out just because they f*cked up, or do you think all weirdness has to be part of a conspiracy?

  21. Wat part of eating doo doo crumbs are clean? There is NOTHING clean about ur ass no matter how much u clean it people!!! So wat I’m hearing is people like fecal fudge lol damn are times hard ha I love Chris Brown though


    LUKE AND THE 2 LIVE CREWW USED TO HAVE THEIR DAncers give them blowjobs on stage before they had sex with them.

    this is no worsder than mimi faust sex tape people love puttingtheir business out there these days.

    nicki minaj invited a lucky girl recently to come up stage and toss her salad and yesw there was plenty of men and women fighting to eat nicki’s ass.

  23. lil boosie said he eats ass.

    how many rappers said they do this anyway hi c said he tossed salad basck in the 90’s.

    eazy e, amg, mc pooh all admitted to eating p*ssy and tossing salad.

    nothing new.

    snoop said he ate p*ssy.

  24. chris is licking a apple booty!! lick that apple booty boy your career is more less over
    though he was meant to retiring. all because white hollywood can’t shut up about the 2009 incident!!!!

    the white media love to compare o.j sellout simpson with chris apple booty licker brown just get over it!!!

    white hollywood is hyprocrital list

    1) robort downey jr broke/snuck into a strangers house and he even slept in a child bed!!
    2) christan bale beaten up his mother and sister
    3) hugh grant has sex with a hooker
    4) gearge clooney got arrested for protesting in washingtom
    5) justim bieber took a women’s purse and stole her cell phone

    white hollywood men ain’t perfect

  25. Iam a guy and I love when we 69 iam eating her ass and fingerings it and she eating my ass and fingering it! Best nutt in the orld!

    • I’m throwing up.
      I don’t get it. I am no prude, and I will do just about anything with and for my man, but I don’t WANT his face up in my ass. Does that make me cold? How do y’all other women feel?

    • You get your booty ate out!?!?!?!?!? Shit……damn………um damn. Well,……..shit. I…………f*ck!!!!! I was gonna say something, but I…………man f*ck it!!!!! If you like it.

      *****Darker voice**** eatin ass that’s all you, blow booty that’s all. You ate the ass like a champ, but they don’t make no award for dat.

  26. These women playin wit yall they all luv gettin that ass ate! Most women now of days ask for it and they ask you stick stick ya dick in there butt as well! Its a new day! Lol Freaks me as well! Lets get it the booty that is!

  27. That is a screenshot of his No Bullshit video a few years ago. HSK come on man please stop copying stories from MediaFakeout!!!

  28. Why yall lying every I ate the ass I made sure I kiss her in the mouth! Lol These chick so nasty you can f*ck dem in the ass and they sucking ya dick rite after! Freaks

  29. If Chris is photographed with a “mystery sore” on his lip then we know he Dipped back into that Rhi Rhi booty ole deceased heffa

  30. Chris looks like he is under a MK-ULTRA spell-control. Something is not right with Chris,big time.

  31. That’s a screen still from his video “No BS” that video came out when he was still black balled from the Rhianna situation. Pay attention to how young he looks. You tube it.

  32. Why is Ellen on the right side of the screen crying? Did she eat some bad booty. Somebody move her “to the left, to the left.”




  34. The industry is very Satanic. Once you sign your name in blood demon posession takes place, you are no longer in control over your mind. When you sell your soul for fame and fortune your surrender your free will to Satan. This stuff is real people. It is spiritual warfare. For celebs it is blood in and blood out. Yall must learn how the industry works. Why do you think these celebs be doing so much strange shit? Why do you think they are so unhappy,even with all their wealth?

    • You are telling the truth. I know some inside information. These celebs really do sell their souls.

  35. Pray for CB all of you who believe. Don’t judge him because he is not a bad kid. He has been misled and lied to so much. He wants out but the powers that be won’t let him out. CB is in a very dark place within and he is crying for someone to come save him.

  36. I think this is a screen grab from the “no b.s.” video
    but I could be wrong….

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