Blind Item: Who’s Jacky Talking About? – September 23, 2015

Blind Item Duo

This pair of actors may soon prove themselves to be a double menace to Tom Cruise’s Hollywood society. Just ask Katie Holmes, who is reported to be “a month late for her period.” That’s according to a very reliable Hollywood insider that exclusively tells HSK, “if Katie is pregnant, she’s about to have a Black baby.” So, Who would the potential Daddy be? According to our source — it’s a toss BETWEEN BOTH OF OUR MYSTERY MEN!

“They were both smashing Katie Holmes at the same damn time, and word is they both bussed off in Tom Cruise’s ex!”

He’s a Texan dude from town just east of Dallas; he’s straight outta South Central, 51st and Hoover to be exact. Both of ’em have long stood by the motto, ‘Sharing Is Caring.’ Just ask Devonte Swing!

Dig the Drop:

“Katie’s period is late and all three of them are worried because Katie doesn’t believe in abortions. If Tom finds out about this, dude’s career is definitely going to stay in a slump.”

___________ says he’s the only member of Mr. Bishop’s crew to tell ___________ to dance for Quentin Tarantino.

Now, can you guess the which dynamic duo I’m talking about?


    • @anon8:07. WOW.. Ice T, never heard of him and Katie together. Would like to hear more tea about them.

    • Hold up 8:07! Ice-T? So that’s mean that him and Coco are both nasty! Neither one don’t know whose baby is who! Dammmmmmnnnnnnn!!!!

      • no ones romancing that stone
        but j foxx… anyone else i’ll wait
        until i read it in the enquirer (-_-

  1. The rags said she was creeping with down low Jamie Fox
    Don’t know the other man, but it’s her business..

    • That’s what I’m saying CC. Why is Katie’s whoring problem has to do with Tom’s career unless it has something to do with their daughter or Katie went from a A list actress to a B list actress and needs the money.

      • Sorry but Katie was never At actress, she is what she was a B attress. Working actress nothing more..

    • Caring is sharing = sharing sexual partners is what real friends do for each other – I guess.

  2. So Katie is taking a walk into Thotville? Can we agree that not knowing who your baby’s father is hoeish and nasty? She is nasty, a hoe, and a Thot.

  3. Blame scientology or blame tom for tryong to save us from aliens instead of taking care of her needs but a lot of women when it comes to his bedroom skills its mission impossible

  4. Tyrin Turner starred in Menace to Society. The brother that gets killed at the end.

  5. Yup it Foxx & Tyrin Turner…it’s said that they have been “roommates” for years.

    • They’re f*ckmates as well! Jamie Foxx is on the DL! Howard Stern exposed him years ago!

  6. This may be true because Katie is a devout Catholic, which is why she finally left Tammy. She didn’t want to convert to Scientology. So the thing about her refusing an abortion sounds right.

    • So being a Catholic it’s okay to hoe around as long as you don’t get pregnant. Cause if you get pregnant, u can’t have an abortion.

      • Hell, what difference it would have made if she had converted. The Catholic church and Scientology both worthship the Satan.

  7. Well in the pgan days if you were to be a priestess to the virgin goddess athena you had to be a virgin all your life if you were caught having sex you was killed

  8. Tis tyrin and jamie…Google images has a pic of the two without the blur….seems a lil incredulous but it’s hollyweird…

  9. If Tom Cruise had the power to blacklist Jamie Foxx, he would have done it a long time ago. Jamie Foxx is a dependable sex toy for the hollywood gay mafia. They love that countryfied homo very much; he must give superhead! How else do you think he got the role in the Spiderman movie? Why else did the hollywood gay mafia give him a false idol award (Oscar)?
    As for Katie Holmes being sprung over black dick, she is no different than the rest of these beckys running around! White bitches love black dick, but are ashamed about it! They are fully aware of the reprocussions of being exposed as a mandingo, chocolate lover!
    P.S. Did you guys know that Katie Holmes has just as many STD’s than Paris Hilton? You don’t believe me, google it!

  10. Tyrin Turner is just as short as Kevin Hart. Tyrin Turner hasn’t worked since the movie Belly. Jamie Foxx pays all of his bills. I wonder what Tyrin Turner does for Jamie Foxx? Remember, he doesn’t call his radio show the Foxxhole for nothing; just ask the comedian Corey Holcomb.

  11. Ummm…Tyrin’s lips are as big as that comedienne Adele Givens… so some good DSLs must be the answer.

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