Future to Ciara: “She Makes Moves Out Of Just Being Evil”

Ciara Future Russell

In a recent interview with XXL magazine, Future, spoke more about his relationship with Ciara, who’s the mother of his fifth child.

“You can’t move around with my son a certain kind of way, you know what I’m saying? I feel like a lot of moves are just made out of just being evil.” ~Future

The Atlanta rapper went on to say that he has no problem with CiCi bringing their son, around her current beard/boyfriend, Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson.

Here’s what Future revealed:

“She know, the success of my album and she still want to make certain moves to take the spotlight off me a little bit and shed light on a negative situation. Why would she want to put light on a negative situation? Even if I didn’t care about it, the people have a way of looking at it. Why would she want to give these people an opinion on our kid? Why won’t we just let our child be a child?”


  1. Not sure what Future is accusing Ciara of doing. Seems Future is the only one talking/keeping drama going. As he(Future) said the spotlight needs to be on him & no-one else. What better way to drum up record sales. To the LEFT Future..to the FAR LEFT

  2. He needs to et go and move on. Wasn’t he the one who decided to cancel the wedding. He got what he wanted.which was smart bc marriage isn’t for him. He wasn’t gonna marry C he just gave a ho a dream. Fucked her a few times gave her a baby got some publicity for the album and then on to the next one. Does this man not understand what what Trojans are

  3. We all knew they wasnt going to get married bad sign when u get with a guy who has 4 baby mamas when u met him plus hes an entertainer bad move

  4. Im still wondering how this man ciara supposedly had a baby?
    did anyone see any actual pics of her revealing a baby bump? like a real pic , with no clothes covering it?

  5. He has yet to comment on anything with regard to being a father to this child. C clearly moved on which she is entitled to and seems to be a good Mom. Now if Fushia played his part as a Daddy then maybe he has a basis for comment otherwise stfu. Wack azz candy rapper any dang way.

  6. Can someone please a pill or cure for BITCHASSNESSSSSSSSSSS………………ASAP…………………..

  7. Clearly he’s all up in his feeling.. Oh he’s so hurt its showing.. Who’s using who to promote their
    so called music.. Bye Boy

  8. Future is jealous he never wanted to be there before. Now he wants to be there because of Russell. He wants to cause more problems.

  9. First off….WHAT THE HELL DID HE SAY? ?
    It seems hard for him to put a sentence together that conveys a point despite his claims of being a “rapper.” Ciara seems to have upgraded the caliber of men she publicly dates or she simply has a far better PR team than Mr. Future.

  10. Nigga no future….shut ur azz up with ur no talent azz…stop hating on the princess ciara….she been around for the longest dude,,,bigger fan base school …cant compete….what do you even sound like with ur magatron sounding azz…..u evil for having so many baby mamas irrisonsible

  11. ciara is old school with a big fan base,,,my girl ciara…future was a bad choice girl

  12. oh that Dominican looking boyfriend of hers gotta go,,,,shit look too staged and weird not realistic,,,,,,yawk hes ugly

  13. the Dominican
    looking boyfriend look like a fruit cake….cant stand future but he looks like a GOD real talk

  14. LOL, Yo, they going hard on my nigga Fire Marshall Future in this thang. Him and Wiz dropped “Pussy Overrated” shit been ugly ever since.

  15. Oh just quit whiningQueen Futunita. Nobody cares anymore about your bull, so you the only one that had to move on but Ciara cant?? Niqqa please.

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