KUWTK To Embarrass Tyga For Taking Kylie’s Money

tyga kylie jenner kuwtk

The next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians will have a storyline focus on how broke Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, Tyga, is.

Recording for the 11th season of KUWTK, the cameras are capturing the real reactions of Kris Jenner and her daughters’ disapproval of Kylie’s rapper boyfriend.

“Everyone says they’re worried that Tyga’s using Kylie for her money.”

A source close to the clan says that “Kris doesn’t trust him.”  After being unable to make good on his rent, T-Raww has been borrowing from Kylie and even had her pay half the down payment on the $320K Ferrari he “gave” her as a birthday present.

tyga kylie jenner ferrari

It also looks like the rapper may be getting the boot from his teenage girlfriend, as the two have been fighting constantly.

“If things keep going the way that they are between them, they will be done in no time.”


  1. After he threw the black community under the bus, I knew this fool was a coon.
    That family use black men like tampons, these black men only date these women for the fame and the money.

    • You used to say that the kardashians only date black men for the fame and money. So which is it?

      • Both. They use each other. Kanye thinks he is getting something out of Kim and she thinks she is getting something from him. It’s going to take longer for Kanye to realize what others have about that bunch.

  2. So they gonna embarrass him on tv no wonder he isnt out if her life yet they wanna play him and make fun of him being a translover then have kylie dump him then this fool has no rap career to fall back on hes through

    • He allows it. He is up for the shenanigans. I don’t feel bad for any of those vile people including Tyga.

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