Blind Item: Who’s Jacky Talking About? – September 15, 2015

Who is Jacky Jasper Talking About

The producers behind the popular dance television show, that these two are now competing on, seem to have regrets in ever extending these two blind item ladies an invite to step on their ABC stage. That’s because the ratchet factor these two reality TV stars have brought to the set is said to be “stagnating production!”

“Producers are growing tired both of ’em. They need to take that bad biz to the Jerry Springer show!” ~ABC-TV Source

Check it:

“_____ threatened to beat up ______ and _____ is scared to death. If they both keep up with their childish attitude? They’re both going to get voted off with the quickness.”


  1. I am really clueless on this 1. Is this a new show that just started? Help me out Pleasee!!

  2. I’m guessing it’s Dancing With the Stars, T is Tamar Braxton-Hebert and K is Kendra Wilkinson.

  3. I don’t believe for one minute that Tamar is going to lay one hand on Kim Zolciak. It’s not that she doesn’t want to, but Tamar isn’t dumb, and she knows what that would do to her bankability factor.
    No way dos she want to be seen as the out of control ghetto black woman.
    It’s just intimidation.

  4. Tamar and Kim Zolciak. I’m sure they both are HUGE DIVAS. But I’m thinking kim is the bigger headache…she has more to prove because she has less talent.

  5. Kim Zolciak got the lowest score the first week, and Chaka Khan got the second lowest score. With the double elimination, I suspect they’ll be the first to go home. Tamar did well, but you can tell she is a bit too “hood” for the DWTS audience. She’ll make comments and use some of her little catch phrases, but people don’t respond to her, so it’s really awkward. Kim needs to return to Atlanta to Kroy and her gaggle of geese. She is too lazy to win any competition that doesn’t consist of popping out babies, drinking wine or smoking cigarettes.

  6. I was rolling before I even figured out who it was …I figured one was WIG (KIM) but didn’t know the other…Tamar is too much & very similar to Naenay so I could see why her & Kim have it out…Kim is just so boring with that show on bravo & wat ever happened to SWEETIE?

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