Terrence Howard’s Harem in Chicago Revealed!

Terrence Howard Chicago Harem

It’s a Family Affair?

HSK Exclusive – Not too sure what kind of Empire Terrence Howard is running in his real life, but he seems to have taken a page out of the Sister Wives handbook! Know why? According to inside sources, Terry currently lives with ex-wife Miranda in a downtown Chicago condo … while the actor’s ex-girlfriend May Seng Yang stays in a condo in the same Chi-Town building!!!

“Terrence, Miranda and May all live at 111 W. Upper Wacker Dr. They’re all swingers.” ~HSK Source

Sources say Terrence signed over his earnings to Miranda Howard; and that the pair share a financial agreement that “protects Terrence from paying out on legal suits, and from letting Michelle Ghent get him.” We’re told May Seng Yang’s downtown digs was a deal that Miranda had to give the okay to, for it to happen.

Terrence Howard Chicago Address

The drop:

“He divorced Miranda, but he still controls her. He’s a control freak! Terrence and Miranda live in Penthouse 2 and May, lives five floors down from them and they all f*ck each other.”


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    • it’s true . I know 2 inchers who have the money and they get all the respect and tricks! sad but true

    • Damn my Ninja, why are you talking about this man’s joint? You have intimate details on his private life? Why do you give a damn if he has a STD or not? Dude you sound very gay with Stalker tendencies. You all in this man’s business, I guess you wish you was May or Miranda.

    • And POWER is even more attractive than money. Like it or not, right now Terrence is one of the biggest powers in network television.

  2. Not understanding why women want the easy way out by living off a man. Where is the self respect? The integrity? Many opportunities to do for yourself. Are the latest louboutins worth an STD? What’s sad is that some women would say, yes!

    • Let’s be real: it is very doubtful that any woman who runs in this sort of circle is afraid of herpes.
      Who doesn’t have it? I mean, we’re not talking about HIV here.

  3. well good for them! sleezeballs stick together. Saw T. Howard on Tonight Show…looked geeked as he77!

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  6. I only care about black people, but I do question why these non-black chics keep messing with him. All I see I are Asian chics marrying Terrence and getting screwed over. Like….why yall keep f*cking with his crazy ass?

    • Dumbasses just love to defend BM no matter how they sell out. If that was Halle or Aleica Keys with Asian men yall yard dogs would be calling those ladies just what I call Terrance: a bedwench sellout!

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