“Karrueche is still on Chris Brown’s payroll & that’s the reason why she hasn’t said anything bad about Chris to the press.” ~Hollywood Insider

HSK Exclusive – Karrueche Tran has been revealed as the new boo in Christina Milian’s love life, but the two-month long Hollywood hook-up could be prove to be nothing more than a “good look” for the former beard-to-Breezy!

If Karrueche is caught dating any man other than him, Brown will instantly cut off her monthly allowance … Just ask Blac Chyna.

Sources say the only reason why Karrueche hasn’t moved on to date any dudes is because she’s “staying away from situations” that could threaten the Breezy bands she’s said to still be collecting. What’s more? With Christina reported to be trickin’ off on her, Karrueche is said to be doubling up on her sponsor funds!

“Karrueche Tran is loving her life as a lesbian. She’s still getting money from Chris, while Christina tricks off her E Channel reality TV money on her too.”

The drop:

“Karrueche and Christina are both still getting paid from the men they bearded for. Most chicks holdin’ a spot on a celebrity payroll — even after they supposedly spilt with their celeb — they’ll leave the country to get that vacation dick … Amber Rose knows exactly what it is!”

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  1. See my comment in the Terrance Howard thread. Not typing that shit again! Disgusting lazy bitches!

    • when the money runs out and they get old Christina made more money hoing than olff music with her wanna be beyonce ass rip off.

      karucche was just a model and got famous off dating celbs yes theres money in that superhead taught them well.

      • Chris what I mean was all this lesbo gay shit? After a while somebody is gonna wanna some pooty tang from a heterosexual woman and some beef cake from a heterosexual man. There is no straight up being lesbo and gay all your life. I have seen butches get f*cked the shit outta them and they want the beef cake too.

  2. I think Karrueche is the cutest girl out there. I can see why she gets so much attention.
    No homo, but the truth is the truth.


  4. Blind Gossip: Justin Bieber has been filmed by his dealer smoking crack cocaine but his management scooter has been paying double to the dealer yo not expose Justin Bieber as a loner and a drug taker spiralling out of control with mood swings wanting drugs and kicking off every hour if he cant get high. 2015.

  5. Another BM bedwench getting played by a ‘exotical’ woman. Chris Brown won’t have any money left in 5 years.

  6. Chris a idiot he goes back to girls he got a lot of heat for he f*cks other women but wants kvto be loyal yes hes paying her she was already doing threesomes anyway with other guys and girls with chris and cm wonder who she gonna date next knewvher and wayne wasnt gonna last waynes damn near broke

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