Snoop Dogg Fires Back At Crips Who Kicked Him Out The Hood

snoop dogg crips

Snoop Dogg is going back to the LBC to deal with the Crips that disrespected him.

Last week we reported that the LBC Rolling 20s Crips kicked Snoop Doog out of the hood.  This story was shared everywhere and eventually picked up by other outlets, so when Snoop found out that everyone knew about the incident he decided to respond.

In a video post he calls out the dudes who were looking for remunerations from him for using the LBC Crips name in so many of his tracks:  “First of all, all you n***as talkin about Snoop can’t come to the hood, he can’t do this.  I can do whatever I like, when I like.  Second of all, you n***as is 50 years old.  You can’t get a job, cuz?  You mad, cause I ain’t help you no more? […] You mad, cause I won’t call you Big Homie?  Cause I’m 47 years old and I refuse to call another n***a Big Homie.”  

“Cuz, I am the LBC, and me and my young homies we got a great relationship.”

The famous Long Beach rapper says that he is going to return to his hood and have a sit down with the folks who disrespected him and were calling him out online.   Snoop also takes credit for giving the LBC Crips worldwide recognition.

“I’m the King of Long Beach n***a, I made it fashionable for n***as to bang the dub.  I made it universal motherf***er.  I’m the n***a that took around the whole globe.”

He goes on to say that he’s been trying to keep it positive for the youth, and teach them ways to make loot legally: “But now I’m doing positive things though.  I’m enlightening n***as and showing them how to get it the positive way, that’s what real Big Homies do.   I refuse to put a pistol or sack in little homies hand.  I put a mic in his hand.”

After mentioning positivity, Snoop turns street and says he is going back to the set to make things right, and that no one can bounce him off the block.

“Ain’t none of you n***as put me on the set, and ain’t none of you n***as gonna kick me off the set, muthaf***er, ya n***a.”

Sounds like Snoop is not afraid to return to the scene of the crime after he got bounced from his old hood.



    • The crips would love to see him crip walking with his murse and his painted on blue fingernails …. Dude you done lost all the homies love but you better raise up …

  2. While declaring that he put the Long Beach Crips on the worldwide map is a dubious distinction, he is telling the truth. There are Eskimos and indigenous New Guineans who have LBC hats/shirts who don’t even really know what gang banging even is, and thy sure as hell don’t know Long Beach.
    Snoop is THE face of LBC, and the haters just need to accept that and move on.

    • The kind of crips that the “Big Homie” was referring to and the crips Snoop introduced the world to through entertainment are not quite the same my friend.

  3. I wouldn’t have never known there where crips in long beach if it was not for snoop Dogg real talk…………

    • He embarrassed now he put niggas on and they kick his little boney ass to the curb snoop only crew … Is the Lapd … Little ghetto boy hanging in those ghetto street wiill get your ass murked . Mark ass nigga !

  4. He didnt tell tray dee that when tray dee tried to woop his ass also snoop didnt want it with jayo felony and lets not forget all that child abuse suge put him through

  5. Snoop is a punk and needs to sit his fragile behind down. Snoop was always getting his behind beat and is too old to be repping gang life.He has a ghetto mentality no wonder Suge is locked up and maybe Snoop needs to join him.

  6. Snoop is a junkie fake rasta, fake porn star, fake pimp, wack ass actor every movie he been in hes smoking weed that really all he does smoke weed in films his albums are okay but still hes past 40 and hes beefing with dudes over stupid chit hell he signed to pharrells label again cause nobody else wanna deal with his wack.ass label since he ripped all his artists off now tray dee joined the eastsidaz know hes broke and got nothong else but stay on snoops payroll they all left dogghouse records but couldnnt sell records so they all went back to snoop staying in the background appearing on cds nobody will buy.cept loyal fans who bought the first eastdidaz album

  7. Snoop is about as gangster as Ice Cube. He better stay in Diamond Bar where it’s safe. Remember what happened to Tupac and Biggie? They acted like gangsters and they were shot by real gangsters. If Snoop keeps screwing around, he might be next.

  8. Snoop sit your ass down, and end that chapter of your life….in other words f*ck them niggas let them kill each other

  9. Straight outta disney crazy mf called ice cube. No cube never banged, snoop and big was just drug dealers pac nevet banged but was about tje panther lifestyle but wjen they all became famous their friends all became gang related and they was cau ght up but these dudes was just drug dealers if that eazy was just a drug dealer nothing more like snoop and big just local dopedealers selling weed and crack

  10. what do u mean anonymous he always was&will be a gangster?f*ck off, were u there?and this asshole Snoop keeps bragging he “took around the whole globe”, but how?rapping about weed&p*ssy&also directing porno films…nothing wrong with that but not much 2 brag about is it?if he had a real talent:writing, playing an instrument-ACTUAL SINGING-as in nice voice or painting…but he doesnt does he?
    and i have a friend Anthony who’s been posting around here and was attacked 4 criticizing people&saying whats on his mind, but he was abused 17 years by his mom, while his dad watched so give him a break, other people wudve killed themselves or smbdy else so far, at least hes speaking his mind

  11. Why is he doing this to himself? He’s almost 50 years old himself. He doesn’t need to go back to where he came from because he became who he is today to leave there, if that makes sense to anyone. My god, the difference between Snoop and these people he’s talking about is he made it and he doesn’t have to live where they do. Forget about it and enjoy the goodness that comes with what he’s got. It’s just common sense.

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