Drake Gets Protective Of Girlfriend Serena Williams At NYFW

drake serena williams

Drake and Serena Williams have made their relationship public during New York Fashion Week.

Earlier in the week, Drizzy was blamed for causing his boo, Serena, to lose in the US Open as he was sitting courtside and causing a distraction.  Her head was not in the game and she was too preoccupied with her rapper boyfriend.  This spawned social media to get the #BlameDrake hashtag trending, as everyone noticed the two are an item.

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The Toronto rapper was front and center for Williams’ HSN Signature Statement fashion show Tuesday during NYFW.  A live a feed caught the too backstage and they were showing some very public PDA.  Drake kissed the tennis pro’s hand congratulated her.

Later he showed his protective-boyfriend side and lost his mind on the DJ who was playing music during the show.  He was sitting front row alongside Anna Wintour, Gigi Hadid, and Lily Aldridge during the show when his “Back To Back” Meek Mill-killing freestyle came on unedited.

serena williams drake

Following the show, Champagne Papi laid into the DJ for embarrassing him by playing the uncensored version.

“All of a sudden he came busting out from the backstage into the runway area and approached the DJ…There was an animated discussion and Drake was upset.”


  1. Serena better be careful with him

    Ot: To be honest, I think him and Madonna make a better match

  2. Bearding u rus, the headline should have been written as Drake gets protective of his manish looking girlfriend. There I fixed it.

  3. Drake hooks with Serena just in time for the openings. It will be over soon, he no longer needs that front row seat or that extra media attention. Back to instantTHOT

  4. Protective? Did he chauffer her boxy, gristly ass in an armed truck? Man, her dick is bigger than his!

    SHE protects HIM…as a beard, as a bodyguard…

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