Justin Bieber Kicked Out Of Mayweather Fight, Almost Arrested

justin bieber mayweather fight 2

Justin Bieber was bounced from the Floyd Mayweather fight and almost arrested.

As usual, the Biebs was on hand to watch Money Floyd operate in the ring.  He was at the undefeated boxer’s fight this past Saturday when Floyd was able to hold off Andre Betro at the MGM Grand.

Following the victory, Justin tried to make his way into the ring to get in on the celebration, and be seen on camera.  Unfortunately for him, he was caught on camera, but not gloating next to Mayweather.  After already being told once he could not enter the ring, the entitled popstar tried to pop in one more time.

justin bieber mayweather fight

A security guard who had seen quite enough, and who is probably not a fan of his music, threatened to have him arrested if he did not leave immediately.

“You wanna be escorted out in handcuffs…it doesn’t matter WHO you are.”

Being adequately embarrassed, Bieber gathered his bros and went straight to the after party to avoid being put in cuffs.



  1. When are these photos from ? Fiddy was there? Nah i dont buy this story for a second.

  2. You guys…that whole fight from the Weight In the day before to the fight itself was no big whoop. There was nothing for JB or anyone to be upset about. He was probably like Floyd….”glad that phoney shit was finally over!”

  3. I don’t understand what these other black people see in him. I heard someone giving him a free blank card . So he can freely say N***a

  4. What are these giant, grown Black men doing hanging out with gender neutral bitch Bieber?

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