Porsha Williams Mad Jealous Over Ex’s New Banging Boo

porsha williams duke williams

Porsha Williams throws shade at Duke Williams after he left her for a hotter woman.

The two had not been officially together for very long, but had recently broken up.   Their relationship had issues with the Buffalo Bill being put on blast by pornstar Mia Khalifa for sliding into her DMs, and he was also linked online to some trans strippers.

Williams was happy to have nabbed an NFL boyfriend and wanted to work through all of that, but Duke had his eye on a fresh new bae.  Shortly after their breakup he is now dating Sierra Alston, who appeared on The Game’s dating reality show “She’s Got Game.”

duke williams sierra alston

Word of this made its way to the Real Housewives of Atlanta star and after she saw pics of how hot Sierra is she posted a photo on IG trying to throw shade.  Porsha says that Williams made her pay for her own flights out to see him and that he even has a ride that was repossessed.

porsha williams duke williams breakup

This looks like a jealous outburst from the RHOA star who seems happy to start public mess with her ex.


    • I agree. She is a THOT that happened to come up off of a NFL player with a great name and legacy. Her own agenda got her to where she is now…….jealous and single

  1. The man is foul. Is she suppose to be happy about getting used and dumped like that. He is a jerk. Seems like she was really into him if she was paying her own airfare.

  2. Well paying for your own flight is a big red flag that you are just a f*ck and nothing more and didn’t her bentley get repoed. Pot meet kettle.

  3. Sierra is pretty and intelligent. She had no business being anywhere near The Lame. POORsha is a ho. She had to be desperate and thirsty to be flying herself to see a man who should’ve been furnishing her accommodations. That’s an unwritten rule. Even Twitter hos received plane tickets and hotel rooms to fly cross country and eat Salisbury steaks at the Grand Lux with ex-NBA players. ROTFL.

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