Jaden Smith’s Older Statutory Girlfriend Is A Criminal

jaden smith girlfriend 2

Jaden Smith, who is still a minor, is dating a girl well over 18 years old and she has a criminal record.

The Karate Kid actor was seen all around New York during Fashion week with his girlfriend, Sarah Snyder who is in her 20s.  During the Gypsy Sport’s Spring 2016 show at NYFW the two were all over each other, so they don’t seem to mind letting people know that Sarah is dating a 17 year old.

Snyder is an aspiring actress with some iMDB credits, and also has a felony credit to her name.  As we reported before, she was booked trying to lift a Hermes bag and was charged with felony grand larceny this past June after grabbing the bag back in February.  According to the arrest report the bag was valued at $16,000.

jaden smith girlfriend 3

Now that she’s dating the son of Will Smith, Snyder can acquire those designer bags without having to face charges.  Jaden was previously linked to Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg, who you might remember put his other ex, Kylie Jenner, on blast for appropriating black culture.

jaden smith girlfriend

Looks like Smith learned a thing or two from his ex, Kylie, and is taking a page out of her book by publicly dating someone older although he is still a minor.


  1. This kid is very confusing. I thought he declared his undying love for Tyler the Creator??
    Now he’s in love with Becky Suburban Cheerleader??

    • This is last years news hsk be on that B.S !!
      What white ppl,don’t steal !!!!

  2. Scienctology says kids are grown and can make their own decisions. Will and Jada are being raised by their “grown” kids.

  3. Other sites are reporting that Jada and Will are paying her to beard Jaden. He supposedly wants to come out, and they aren’t havin it. I know it sounds far fetched, but they want him to have a movie career, and you know how they feel about coming out.
    Take it for what it’s worth.

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