Blind Item: Who’s Jacky Talking About? – August 31, 2015

Blind Item 1012

This Hollywood front artist may think his Empire’s all that but his former manager would explain why the revolution won’t be televised. Just ask Queen Latifah.

“He wasn’t down with dude’s discriminatory methods by dating Asian & White women.”

Therein lies the reported cause of the static said to be keeping these mystery men at odds against each other.

“S____ quit working with T____ because he wasn’t down with T___ dating outside of his race.”

The drop:

“T___ went on to become a big actor after S___ told him he was a house N*gga and quit managing him. T____ don’t f*ck with black chicks and if you want S___ to manage you? You can’t be bringing white girls around because he won’t go for it.”


  1. Believe it or not, Terrence can keep floating to the other side of the poole. He is a pathetic psychopath . Black women are not shocking for this fool. The only reason why he is employed is because of Taraji plea to bring him on the show. Terrence is a lost man with a broken seoul. He will hit the wall soon and his wake up card will be handed to him soon.

    • I really surprised that he prefers non black women because of what happened to his dad.

  2. We need the old gang back who informed us and entertained at the same time , that crazy wicked whore troll f*cked up things and she all the ppl talking now ,shit its probably her ass I’m responding to now?!

  3. This is Terrance & Howard and Shakim from Flavor Unit for sure.. Terrance only dates non black women. He seems to prefer white and Asian women.

  4. Naw. Jacky did that all by himself. He doesn’t control this site anymore. Jacky was giving that real dirt and ppl were mad for real. Now its ran by a moderator whom only authorizes stuff that is already known. Im not mad @Jacky. Im sure he received an offer that he could not refuse and probably placed him on permanent retainer. ppl should not be worshipping these false idols that are paid to bring souls to Lucifer that old serpent. WAKE UP!! Time is running out. We must repent for our sins and accept Salvation thru Jesus Christ

    • Truth! Jacky was too, too controversial, so they bought him out and washed down the tea. And you said it all about the false idols and the satanic agenda. Will someone please tell me what is so hot about Terrance Howard???

      • I heard that he was very "small" that's why his ex was blacking mailing him with pictures.

  5. Terrence first wife is black. I guess when he got hollywood he started dating white and Asian women. Its been said he has a small peepee and herpes in other words a double whammy. Lol.

  6. I agree, Benjamin. MTO made Jacky an offer he couldn’t refused and he took the money and ran! Who wouldn’t. You can tell by the misspellings that MTO owns it! They are notorious for not giving a damn! I visit HSK maybe once every other week cuz it’s not the same. We never did find out why Jacky was gone for that long period of time. Probably in negotiations to sell the site. I keep hoping it gets better, but so far it hasn’t.

  7. Oh please, people! This site was NEVER all that! Yall act like it was TMZ and shit. It takes very little to make a website and type some words on it… and the site didn’t have any professional writers or journalism. It’s always been pretty wack – it just got worse after it was sold (for about $10 grand).


  9. Shakin mad cause whitegirls wont phukk him or hes gay one. As a matter of fact never heard of shakim with.a woman

  10. I agree with the earlier post. No. This site is not what it used to be.. heck I haven’t been here in months. The camaradarie is gone too. We used to post much wisdom on this site. Now.. well.

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