Blind Item: Who is Jacky Talking About? – August 28, 2015

Blind Item 1012

This DL blind item duo may front an “on-again-off-again” facade that stretches back more than four-years, but there’s nothing Straight about this Set! Just ask Johnny Boy! Today, our twisted two is back at playin’ like they’re all matched up again. Cast away all the smoke and mirrors the secret Singles game they’re each playin’ is likely to become clear. Her Destiny’s dame would certainly agree!

“She’s a lesbian and he’s a bisexual dude who f*cks instagram h*es & BBW’s to look like he’s a stud but he’s really a f*g.” ~Industry Source

Insiders say their connection is a carefully concocted cover-up made in Tinseltown and spun by top pub-players; creating a safety zone where our twisted two can be their very own Special Exempt selves.

Every April, her destination becomes to Dinah’s desert — where va-j-j becomes her vantage. That’s the very place where his owls fly over the Russian roulette he plays. Ask Gabriel.

The drop:

“Any guy you see her on a date with is gay. She’s a f*cking beard. She was linked to all the questionable cats in the industry. Jackie Long, Common, Brett Rather, Columbus Short and _____.”

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


    • All and I mean all the rappers gay I knew it , the athletes and movie people all are to. you are not ah straight man if you want anything sexual from another man period.

      I knew it but Serena ah man n Michelle Obama that’s why the Obamanation made gay legal

      • Take that Obamanation shit over to those white media blogs….5 out of 9 people made gay marriage legal and those people are called supreme court judges…retard.

  1. There’s been gay rumors about Drake for a few years or so. As for Serena, I don’t care. But I can see her being a lesbian anyway.

  2. Is Serena really a lesbian? Because she is such a massive tennis star, a sport where many if not all the hall of fame players are lezzies, why in the hell would she not come out? She is the greatest of all time according to Martina and Chris Evert, so her legacy is solid. She is rich as shit. Why would she go to such lengths to hide if she’s really gay? I can sorta see it with Drake, because his chosen field demands that he appear straight.

    • If she were white I could see her coming out as they’re more accepting, but she’s not…

      • white folks LOVE Serena. She’s one of the favorites like Sam Jackson and Snoop. It wouldn’t hurt her.

        • “White folks love Serena”?

          Since when? Whitefolks in sports media call Serena “manly”. they accuse her of being on roids. write all manner of crap about her. Plus they (white marketers) pay the white girls more than they pay Serena. White girls doing worse in tennis makin’ more than Serena.

          • No one I know says that about Serena. Yet the second poster from the top here said Serena and Michelle Obama are both born men.
            So it seems that there is a lot of prejudice against physically strong and powerful black women right here.

            Serena has all the big sponsors and TV ads. When have you ever seen Maria Sharapova in a commercial on American TV? Serena also has a very profitable fashion line on HSN.

            • If you knew anything you would know Sharapova & that bitch Kornikova (who does not even play tennis anymore) make more money than Serena when it comes to endorsements…those bitches are Russian and bcuz they fit the American “image” of beauty THEY get the $$$…so know of what you speak before you post.

          • Co-sign!!!

            Whites hate the Williams sisters, they never fully support or back them at events…yet glorify bitches like the kartrashians who do everything to try to emulate the black female physique.

        • They do? Really? Why then do they refer to Venus and Serena as the ‘Williams Brothers’ then? They love the feminine, blonde ‘lady like’ tennis players like Sharapova. They hate Serena, although not all of them.

          • Co-sign!!!

            These idiots who want to believe…just bcuz Serena IS the best she automatically gets love are “ed” cases.
            She has had to work and be million times better than her nearest competitor to become who she is…and she still is not fully accepted. Gotta love Amerikkka!!!

  3. I still like Drake but.. I feel sorry for Drake knowing what he had to do to get to where he’s at… and no it ain’t got nothing to do with Drake being Jewish.

  4. Yep it’s been (4) days since @champagnepapi did any picture posting @champagnepapi might be on here in LURKING MODE.. Shyt!! ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ ? ? ♥ @champagnepapi ?

    I feel very sorry for Drake knowing that he had to do all these horrible things to get Famous. But I still like YOU Drake. But wake up.

  5. I remember way back in 2004 I heard a rumor that Ms Williams was getting it in with Kelly Rowlands. That’s why Roy never married Kelly. ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ

  6. I dunno, I just can’t see Serena being submissive 2 a man in the “bedroom”…like I just imagine her riding and going beast mode on the d. & then they say that drake, who is sorta kinda effeminate in a way is smashing is just a funny picture in my mind…like she prison raping her bottom bitch. Lol…. Serena is happiest dominating Kelly Rowland demonic ass & Drake happiest on all 4s 4 Johnny manziel… Black ppl don’t won’t to admit our ppl are gay & shun it but we the #1 minority they trying to shove it down our throats & this down low shizz is really affecting our ppl more than anybody else…

    • “Unfortunately”!!


      AND THAT GAY thing!!…..”STOP (that SHYT)!!!!”

      • Hey U ! I called U yesterday. For some odd reason, my phone is still acting crazy.

  7. Serena is so manish looking, I just can’t picture her in an heterosexual relationship.

  8. All and I mean all the rappers gay I knew it , the athletes and movie people all are to. you are not ah straight man if you want anything sexual from another man period.

    That’s not her real parents they adopted them. They’ve been given hormone replacement therapy jus like Bruce jenner since the 90’s they were little boys then so it worked more better now they jus manly fake women.

    • You are a dumbass…if you know anything about AA history you know the men and women were bred to create the most perfect genetic specimens in order to be able to pick more cotton…

      Just bcuz these WOMEN look better than you on your BEST day keep your haterade to yourself.

  9. Let me guess…Baby (Brian Williams) turned his tender young Candidan cakes out like he did a sweet young tender Weezy….SMH@this fake gangsta life. Serena, I could see it. Black women like her, Latifah, Sanna Lathan do not come out by ANY’s not like “Ellen” where whites are more accepting. They have the homophobic black community and they are black women…it’s a double sword to them. So I can see why Gay blacks do not come out the closet PERIOD! Black women or men celebrities especially.

  10. I don’t understand all the dislike about the William’s sisters. They are professional athletes and the best in their sport. They need to be in the best shape for their job. The majority of athletes male and female have muscular arms and legs and a six pack.That doesn’t make them manly. So a male ballplayers can be muscled up and its attractive and appropriate. But if a woman has the same features its makes them a trans or dyke. I think some men are jealous that they can’t get a body like that. Whether she’s gay or not idk and for Drake we all know he loves to be surrounded by athletes.

    • There is a very ugly trend here to diss a black woman who is tall and strong and muscular. There are a few who have bought into that YouTube crap that the First Lady was born a man.
      We all know that BW have a bit more testosterone than WW, and that’s why we are firmer and better built. But when a BW exceeds 5’8, suddenly she is accused of being mannish or even trans by other black folk. It is a subtle but troubling form of hate within the race that is only slightly less ugly than skin shade shaming. It needs to stop.

      • Agreed. And stupid bucks & coons giving away their legacy money to the Trashcan family of misshapen pale face whores and chasing anything pale skin no matter how ugly but a beautiful strong black lady champion a historical figure is dissed by BP cause, gasp!, she looks BLACK. Self hate is a mutha!!

  11. I dont beleive serena and venus are boys sorry need more evidence now srena might wish she was a man but shes a female

    • How do you figure she wishes she were a man?

      There was a time she said she was done with men bcuz she had been burned so many times by them, so regardless of if she switched teams for a minute or not does not mean, she wants to be anything more than what she is.

      I swear people act like they are all that & holier than thou, when behind a screen.

  12. Serena is beautiful FYI, but Im not sure about this rumor of her being a lez. Now I do agree that she tends to date guys who are bisexual/sexually dubious, but think Drake is truly a sports groupie and Serena being a woman athlete makes his fantasy of f*cking a baller a reality come true. Serena is hetero, but has low self esteem and intimidates most men because of her size and bank account opening her up to f*ck boi opportunist…..hence her looking gay.

    • STFU idiot….Serena is far from a dude…you are just mad bcuz she looks better than you in all wayz!

        • I am sure the same could be said about you..since you are so vocal about it…as they say takes one to know one…lol.

          And just in case you are a dude your comment still applies, cuz no real dude would have such hate toeard a female…you skankin’ azz mothef*cka.

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