Who’s Jacky Talking About? – August 10, 2015

Blind Item 1004

A woman has come forward with some shocking information that could place this Brooklyn M-C on a path that’s closely following his father-in-law’s footsteps! Jigga What!?

” ____ has a another son and his name is McCory.”

According to the woman, our blind item fathered her son back in 1990! That would make the kid 25-years-old today … and the third illegitimate child blueprinted by our blind item.

Check it:

“He has another son who was born in 1990. He got —- pregnant when he was on the road with Big Daddy Kane.”


  1. Jay Z done did it again. Both him and Mathew Knowles are two of the same. I see Beyonce filing for divorce.

    • Matthew had illegitimate children while he was married; Jay-Z had illegitimate children before he even met Beyonce. Not really the same thing.

      • Absolutely. The two are not at all the same thing. Now if women start coming out of the woodwork with kids under 10, that would be shocking. But that’s not going to happen. Jigga is a lot of things, but stupid and sloppy he ain’t. He doesn’t take risks with his money…and Beyonce is a big part of his money.

        • Er, he has a Russian woman with his kid somewhere out there. She is blonde and the kid is young.

          • Is this rumor or do you have proof positive? I’m not trying to be a smart ass, but remember there are people on YouTube who claim Michelle Obama and Serena Williams were born men. And a lot of people believe that too. Jay doesn’t have a history of going after white women, so I am skeptical.

            • You must have forgotten about the girl in Switzerland that put him on blast, she was white.

            • I’m skeptical as to whether if his blk off springs all share his camelistic features … What would his offsprings with white bitches look like … Llama’s ?

  2. Beyonce knwew what she was getting into with Jay. He has always cheated. But to make a baby is just messy & sloppy & st8 up disrespectful. I’d divorce his ass for being a messy ass nigga. She don’t need him or his money.

  3. This tea is cold…if these women were smart they would be demanding a dna to collect some money for their kids. These are allegations, prior to the Beyonce era. Not impressed.

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