Ray J Named Dealmaker Behind Bobbi Kristina Casket Photo!

Ray J Bobbi Kris Casket Photo

HSK Exclusive – Say it ain’t so! Rumor has it that Ray J, and his manger David Weintraub, are behind the deal that led National Enquirer to buy rights to the Bobbi Kristina casket picture.

Though the identity of the Brown that took the pic is yet to be confirmed, it’s said that Ray J cashed in as middle man. “Ray J got the picture from a member of the Brown family,” said a source. “He passed it on to David Weintraub, who then handed over the situation to his lawyer to negotiate the sale with the tabloids.”

Dig the Drop:

“David was the point man for the deal, but made money off of the pic just the same.”


  1. I’m surprised broke Ray J would do such a thing. I guess he spent the money he made off of that sex tape with Kim. I read that he was Whitney’ s drug dealer. What happens in the dark shall come to light. Ray J will get what’s coming to him.

  2. He hasn’t received any repercussions for his involvement in Whitney’s death, and as such, thinks that actions have no consequences and he can get away with anything. So he continues living the life doing vile and nasty stuff, while being too stupid to realise that he is just being given a long rope with which to hang himself. His downfall is sure to shock him.

  3. yeah hes broke and low on cash to do something like this wasn’t enough he was having sex with both whitney and krissy since he was supplying them both with drugs.

    • Yes. He was the inspiration for Nick becoming the East Coast Ray J and fulfilling those same positions.

      As for accusations that Ray Jay was involved in Whitney’s death, he was in that he supplied her with her myriad of substances. He had nothing to do with the actual drowning per se.

  4. Why is that Egyptian thing (sorry can’t think of the proper name at the moment) at the funeral, this thing was also at Whitney’s funeral.

    • The funeral home is the oldest black owned and run in that area of NJ. I’m sure it is a tip of the hat to African burial practices. Don’t attach any occult symbolism to what is basically an ancient African tradition.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised Ray J is low and his moves as of late will put him on the chopping block quicker than he knows.

  6. With his bad luck career no matter what he do hell always be brandys little brother he can phukk every white girl in the world do crappy dating shows claim crip date hasbeen crackheads and hang around crazy ass psychowhiteboys and yes he have homothugs in his crew like young buck no not that young buck but yes danger was right ray j and young buck were lovers

  7. He is scum. He was the same little whore who broke down @ WH’s funeral and then turned around and spoke about how he played her and kept her coked up. Why is this clown still around cashing in on WH’s fame?

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