Blac Chyna’s Mom Refuses to Attend Her Wedding

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Blac Chyna’s mom, Tokyo Toni, is always popping off online. This time, she’s back at it again and coming for the Kardashians’ necks.

In a rambling Instagram post, Ms. Toni touches on a lot of different issues. But specifically, she confirms Rob Kardashian was thrown out of Khloe’s house, and that’s why he’s currently shacking up with Chyna.

Toni also denies Chyna will be appearing on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and best of all, she says she will be skipping out on ChyRob’s wedding if any of the Kardashians are invited!


blac chyna tokyo toni rob kardashian wedding

blac chyna rob kardashian tokyo toni



  1. thats REAL! She refused cause She knows that her stupid dumb untalented daughter is just being a fame whore for a f*ckin lame small paycheck LOL

    • Always loved her mama … Straight hood booga bitch and her ass is real unlike her stupid ass daughter who f*cks for fame !

  2. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, well damn, tell us how you really feel Ms. Tokyo Tony Haaa haaa ha!

      • Ms Tony got them all the way together. They probably got Tyga and Corey (Kanye ain’t Black no more) over there deciphering and translating those messages like the dead sea scrolls,lol. Take notes Kylie and Kloe with your wanna be Black ass for that clap back but I don’t think they want none…

        Ms Toni and Cardi B keep me dying laughing. They may be ghetto as hell but they keep it 100. Cuz Cardi took all them bullets out of Peter’s guns bet he won't come at her sideways anymore. Haa haaa!
        GOT EM!!!!

  3. In spite of the various grammatical errors and slang was I the only one who caught the assumption and/or acknowledgement of the very existence of the Illuminati and that it in some way has fueled the staying power of The Kartrashians?

    Ms. Tokyo Toni, you made your point which some of us view as quite valid. it's nice to know you're not falling for the oakey-doke, however, this does not in anyway change the fact that "your apple didn't fall too far from it's tree."

  4. Apparently Kris can't stand her ass! Ms, Toni is sharped and that's what we need. We more black women not falling this family bull crap.
    She knows her daughter was set up 2 month ago in Texas, she knows how the Kardashian's do business. Rumors has it, she's Rob's manager, and Kris is not happy!

  5. What wedding. She is as delusional as her daughter. What does her daughter do anyway? No sing, no dance, no skills, no talent.

    • Welllllll, now that depends on who you ask.
      Apparently Chyna Blacc is quite the popular STRIPPER around the Atlanta area. She supposedly has all sorts of moves and skills as it pertains to being a stripper and most of what she knows/does was taught to her by her mother who is also quite popular too but again…depends on who you ask.

      Chyna got off the pole and out the Strip Club when she had a baby by Tyga but for some reason…that was short lived because she started back doing various clubs for a minute after she had the baby but maybe it was due to the amount of money she was offered. She stopped again and the next thing we knew was:

      *Tyga was playing musical luxury homes and skipping out on paying rent…
      *Tyga was sexing trans type folks…
      *Chyna was best buds with Kim Kartrashian getting their nails done and exercising together…
      *Chyna moved to a home supposedly purchased by Tyga for her and their son in CA…
      *Tyga starting dating/sexing one of those surgically altered Jenner girls…Kim's sister…
      *Tyga was sexing and sexting trans type folks…
      *Chyna got tired of that surgically altered Jenner girl taking shots at her on the Internet…
      *Chyna got "her get back" by now doing/dating the Jenner girl's brother…the only male Kartrashian.

    • No it’s not, that child is doing the Michael Jackson in reverse. She wears makeup 3 shade darker than her natural skin color, look at her scalp in pictures and I believe she got double injection in her lips this time. She hates Chyna but she wants to be her so bad. I’m just waiting on the double wide booty implants next. So her tired of seeing her standing pigeon toed tooting her little ass up looking afflicted in pics. SMH

    • I guess somebody from the Kardashian Klan must have said something about her living in Chyna’s house with Rob and she had to remind them that they basically threw Rob out on the streets and she has every right to be there with her daughter. I don’t know if they think she’s there because she wants to be on the show or not but it sound like she is cursing them out and shading their show that isn’t worth being on anyway because they are all fake and materialistic and disrespectful to their mother. She then explains that if any of her children ever disrespected her the way that they disrespect Kris, she would put her hands on them to discipline them.

      She goes on to say that no one but a fool would want to be on a show that promotes the secret society called the Illuminati. She basically saying that she has no respect for any of them except Rob and she wants no part of the wedding if they are going to be a part of it but the people from her side are welcomed to attend. She sarcastically says she will just send a gift bag of nuts you know, to go with all the dicks she later tells them to suck lol.

      She also states that for them to have Black men and biracial children in their lives, they didn’t do anything positive on the show for Black History month. And they are not promoting positive family values for the good of the family as well as the community on the show. All that they are on the doing on the show is promoting a fake persona of wealth that has people out here going broke trying to emulate their lifestyle. When they are the same people that they use to sell stories to Radar online so that that can have money to support themselves.

      In the end she tells them that they will have to pay her if they lie on her or bring up her name again or she will do something to them that they won’t like and to go piss off.

      Welp, that is what I got from it but I could be wrong. Hope you like the translation Londoner LOL!

      • Thankyou very much Black Enga… I appreciate your time and efforts LOL. Great translate.

  6. Black Enga, BABY, you nailed that translation!
    I far more enjoyed and was able to understand/comprehend your translation than the hot mess originally written by the Ms Tokyo Toni herself. I'm positive everyone will agree.
    Thank you.. please translate even when not asked so people like me won't be staring at the screen going "WTH is that suppose to mean?"

    • Why you are so welcome So Cal Soul, it was no problem. While Ms Toni’s diction is bad and her being mad didn’t help believe me I have seen worse.

      I used to transcribe doctors orders and their handwriting looks like chicken scratch. Sometimes I would have to turn the forms sideways or upside down to make out what the meant, it was sort of like a puzzle but I loved my job, lol.

      Lord take care of Ms Toni because if one of those Kardashians get up in her face it’s gone make headlines!

  7. Thankyou very much Black Enga… I appreciate your time and efforts LOL. Great translate.

    • Your welcome, she said a lot more but her gram is set to private, dammit lol.

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