Tisha Campbell & Duane Martin File for Bankruptcy

tisha campbell duane martin bankruptcy

Those Martin checks must have dried up, because Tisha Campbell and her husband, Duane Martin, have just filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The couple insists that they’re drowning in $15 million worth of debt!

The actors only have $313,000 in assets, including $65,000 in real estate, and $248,000 in personal property. But Mr. Bill Collector has been hounding them, and their $7,655 in monthly income ain’t gonna cut it!

They owe $208,611 in taxes, and $113,000 in student loans.

To make matters even worse, they claim to only have $200 in cash, $173 in a bank account, and they list the value of their two dogs at $2!

They still owe $3 million on a real estate loan they borrowed on, $9.5 million to the City of Los Angeles for a personal guaranty, $82,000 in back CA state taxes for the years 2005 & 2011, $86,000 to New York State Department of Taxation, $39,000 to American Express, and $30,000 to the CA State Board of Equalization.

Damn, Gina!


  1. This is not neither new or news. They've been on the verge of filing bankruptcy for the longest but for whatever reason they never did. They have bills they simply aren't willing to pay or truly don't have money to pay. It's sad that their debts have to be displayed across social media especially on an alleged "black owned and operated blog" but what should we expect, right?

    Oddly this site didn't bother to post a word about Iman's mother passing away a few days ago and the fact that she's lost 3 people extremely close to her in the last two month. Shortly after her husband David Bowie died the man who first introduced them to each other, who was been David's hairstylist for over 25 years and was very dear friend of theirs died and now her mother. Iman has been hit hard over the first part of this year. I pray she gets through her grieving process and comes back doing amazing things

  2. Um. Wonder why he ain't asked his on the low, low lover slash so-calll "best friend" whom they take out of the country trips together without their wives for the money. Where yah at Will Smith?!

      • bwahahah…i know right! where yo ass at Big Willie? Yo man needs you financially now. he'll be sure to compensate you, im certain, with more ass later after you've paid this big bill for him. LMFAO! whewww!

  3. Wow, Duane is currently starring in "Real Husbands Of Hollywood" how can he we strapped for cash??
    Wasn't Will Smith paying is bills at one point?? So many question, not enough answers.
    And also Tisha sued Martin, because of that sexual assault case.

    • People file for bankruptcy to get out of paying bills that they do not want to pay, not because they do not have the money. I think they passed new laws that says you have to pay something when even if you file…

      • And somehow I've always thought that rich people filing chapter 7 is different from the average Joe filing bankruptcy.

  4. Did him and will split up.will, your baby is in debt where you at .

    • Shitttttt she better go back to Atlanta and find soup lip coolers Steve Harvey and hit him for some money.

  5. gatdamn who aint gay ? you po ass niggas know more about a man's sex life than his wife

  6. Everyone forgot that tisha campbell also had a show on TV called "My Wife and Kids" with Damon Wayans. In fact, they have been and are currently playing reruns on Oxygen. Not sure what she gets for this but something is not adding up.

  7. Stop guessing what ppl salary is and look it up. These niggas ain't rich. They have a recognizable face. That's it.

    • amen. and that's it. hell Duane is literally an E-list celeb (if that list even extends that far) and hasn't starred in ish since God knows when, and Tisha's ass is in his precise same broken down boat…and let's not elaborate on that trash she calls music…smh.

  8. Why do black woman hate on each other when hit hard time. I'm praying for Trisha and her family, l.raye need to shut her mouth. Just because some woman won't lay on they back.

  9. The more they run repeatof sitcoms in syndication the less they get in residuals.

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