Mariah Carey’s Brother Still Begging for Help

mariah carey brother begging

Just last month, Mariah Carey’s brother was calling her “evil,” and this month, he’s back again to beg the superstar for help!

Morgan Carey blasted the singer for refusing to help their sister, Allison, while she’s on her deathbed and in dire need of financial assistance to pay her medical bills.

Morgan gave an interview with Dutch show, RTL Boulevard, and asked Mariah to stop partying with Elton John, quit flaunting her $7 million engagement ring, and finally give their sister the help she needs!

“The point is she’s not dying ten years ago. She’s struggling in this moment. She has desperate need in this moment. Your own sister is struggling! She’s on her deathbed with tubes down her throat unable to breath!” ~ Morgan Carey

Peep the interview:

I don’t know why they keep doing this. Mariah will just continue to pay them dust!


    • Bury her. Even for that they will have to beg her. Mariah and her karma coming will not be pleasant.

  1. One thing I do know…
    All that trying to appeal to Mariah's heart and pocketbook through the media isn't going to work for Morgan. Since her and Elton John are both doing residency shows in Vegas they both have Cleopatra Villas provided to them at Ceasars so they're not only artists casually seeing each other's shows. They're part-time neighbors and pals. Now, just imaging the advice Elton John and his husband are giving her.

    Morgan may want to ask for her help in a different manner.

  2. Mariah is evil. Her sister sold her body so the family could eat and so Mariah could have clothes on her back. Mariah drank during her pregnancy and her kids were born with fetal alcohol syndrome and that's why child welfare got involved. Even Nick called her out. Mariah is going to regret not helping Alison.

    • Mariah doesnt owe a drug addict shit. Her sister has the same 24 hrs in a day she has.

      • They need to quit begging to deaf ears Alison need to make peace to whatever god she believe in and prepare to pass on mariah all she care about is her billionaire and her lifesystyle

      • No she does not. However, her karma will revolve around the actions or non actions she takes where her family is concerned, Those children will give it back to her in spades. Look at Madonna. The one thing when wants and will never have is her son Rocco. Mariah has helped her sister a great deal, but here is her chance to tell her sister goodbye by helping her one last time.

    • I believe she should help her sister. But let's be clear. Her sister sold her body cause she had a drug problem…it had nothing to do with helping the family eat.

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