Lil Wayne Dating 19-Year-Old Stripper

lil wayne stripper girlfriend

Now that Christina Milian was sent packing, Lil Wayne had a spot open in his harem. But the vacancy has been filled. Sorry, ladies!

The rapper’s new boo is allegedly a 19-year-old stripper who goes by the name of Royaltee. She recently posted some secret SnapChat videos of her recent trip to visit the Cash Money artist.

We knew Weezy had a thing for strippers, we just didn’t think he had a thing for teenage ones!


  1. For the sake of all humanity, please God, I hope this girl don't get pregnant. Please Lord hear my prayer!

    • @100…your name suits you perfectly!!! I was just about to say…
      So, let me get this straight… since when did being allowed to board an artist's tour bus and take a few pictures while your're there constitute you being an item or in someway exclusive? I'm asking because last I checked a situation like this basically meant one of a few things:

      You're there because you're friends/acquaintances with the artist or their staff…
      You're there because the artist thinks you're a groupie and will be quickly dismissed when they're done with you…
      You're there because you're paid to perform service(s).

  2. Everyone wants to be a star and noticed. This generation of braggarts are disgusting. If i were a celebrity, i would have my security take these hoes camera. If they don't want to give it up, then they can Gtfoh.

  3. Wow! The things that money can buy, because we all know if Wayne wasn't rich he wouldn't have nan bit….

  4. Pray for this teenage girl. America is full of better opportunities. Wake up sweetie.

  5. Sistas I have a question, why do so many black women screw around with DL black men? Is it in style to date and f*ck a black man who has had a dick in his mouth and a dick in his ass? I really want to know why so many beautiful sistas throw themselves at gay motherf*ckers like Lil Wayne, Jamie Foxx, Puff Daddy, Christian Keys, Shemar Moore, Wilma Smith. Why?

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