Hazel-E Reveals She Miscarried Katt Williams’ Baby

katt williams hazel e miscarriage

Amid all the madness surrounding Katt Williams, we definitely weren’t expecting this bombshell to be revealed. Katt’s former girlfriend, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Hazel-E revealed to VladTV that she miscarried the comedian’s baby at the end of season 2.

“Last season—I guess with efforts of being honest because it’s something that I never admitted to—I was pregnant, and it got tricky for me. I ended the season with being pregnant, I ended up having a miscarriage,” ~ Hazel-E

This would explain why Hazel quit the show when that drama with Teairra Mari was about to go down at Nikki Mudarris’ fashion show. She says she was in a happy place, and she didn’t feel like the show was a positive light for her to be in.

When she told Katt about the miscarriage, they separated briefly because he didn’t know how to deal with the loss.

“It was actually very hard because we had to separate. He handled it a little bit different than I did. He was a little disappointed, and I kind of needed a friend,” ~ Hazel-E

It seems like no one is really believing that Hazel was pregnant, so she posted proof.


Why does the font look different tho? And who the hell would lie about getting pregnant by Katt Williams?

Peep the interview with VladTV:


  1. I don't know why this woman gives me a vibe as if she's just one big opportunist.

  2. Same here. What is it with the whole "gotta tell all your damn personal business" to all the world?
    First of all…IF she was pregnant by Kat Williams. Then we can move on to the fact that the general public didn't need to know. After that let's all talk about how it seems like Katt has had nothing but more drama and problems since she's been around? It's almost like the same shit he was going through when Suge was out and freely running a muck.

    At her age what would posses her to think having a baby was a cool idea for any other purpose than to have a bonifide meal ticket? Katt has a bunch of kids he provides for already…where is her mind other than to parlay "an opportune situation for herself?"

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