Iggy Azalea Slapped With IRS Tax Lien

iggy azalea irs tax lien
Damn, Iggy Azalea can’t seem to catch a break. Just a week after she found out her fiancé, Swaggy P, cheated on her with a 19-year-old, she has been hit with a major tax bill.

She may be Australian, but she still has to pay up to Uncle Sam. The rapper was slapped with a tax lien totaling $391,056.55 in unpaid income taxes from 2014. This is the same year her debut album, “The New Classic” dropped.

No wonder she’s so desperate to go on tour this summer! She needs the coins!


  1. Oh,wow. Her rap career is over! No one take her raps seriously. No wonder she marrying Nick, for his money.

  2. Before you write her rap career obituary, her new single about an airplane was called the song of this summer by Billboard.

    And the Nick Young story has actually helped her.

    Anyway, she isn't broke, she just owes money to the govt. I didn't read that she declared Chapter 7 like the Martins.

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