Amber Rose’s Assistant Begging for Millions After Getting Fired!

amber rose fired personal assistant

Amber Rose’s personal assistant, Benji Carlisle, found himself without a job when the former stripper fired him! But not only that, she allegedly kicked him out of her house, too!

Benji has always been pictured right alongside Amber, up until about a week ago. He confirmed on his IG that Amber kicked him out of the house, and he has been homeless for the past 7 days.

amber rose personal assistant homeless fired

amber rose personal assistant homeless fired

Now, here’s where things get weird…instead of looking for a new job, Benji set up a Go Fund Me donation page. And get this, he’s asking his “supporters” to donate $100 million to “protect his energy.” WTF?!!

amber rose personal assistant homeless

If you’re feeling generous, you can donate to the cause here.


  1. Amber must of had a valid reason, to kick him out of her house! He could of been selling stories about her etc etc.

  2. Another broke fool begging for cash after having tasting the good life go out and sell ass likevy been doing

  3. He is obviously gay. If were in Amber Rose's home, I would be getting paid AND dicking her down! Gay men don't know what they are missing. On top of that, he had a job making money – so why is he homeless?

  4. I'm just confused as hell right now.
    This guy has been working with this woman and living in her home for how long? It sounds like it may have been for a substantial amount of time. Are we to understand he didn't save any of his earnings not even enough to secure himself a low budget hotel for the past 7 days? Didn't Baldylocks give him a severance check or at least his final check?

    Not trying to be funny but he could sale some of his hair and get PAID.
    He's in LA…he better take his ass to Extensions Plus and tell them who he is.
    They'll JUMP right on it…that texture sales very well. Somebody better get a hold of dude!

      • Sasha, na-uhh girl, for real? That's NOT that boy's hair & I'm all up here trying to show folks this long-ass to the waist hair on Amber Rose's former assistant? Say it ain't so Sasha? I'm over here calling folks in other continents to see this boy's hair and it's a damn weave AFTER I'm all on the Internet trying to put the word out on how he can earn some money to help his situation? Sasha, you must know I feel like a complete fool. For all we know he probably brought THAT hair from Extensions Plus while I'm over here calling myself making "helpful suggestions."

        Um, Um, Ummm….Sasha, thank you for not letting me mill around the blog looking stupid. I'm already so embarrassed…Erbody probably knew it was a long ass weave but me. I wish you were here to see the look on my face and have a Mimosa with me before I start these P/L statements I have to prepare. They laughing at me already!

  5. I hope he gets better and finds himself in Christ. Whatever he must have done is none of my concern.

  6. Did anybody check out this cat's GoFundMe picture?
    Is that supposed to be artistic expression on his part?
    While he playing….might be apart of why him & all his energy is outdoors now.

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