Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Engaged

blac chyna rob kardashian engaged

Rob Kardashian proposed to Blac Chyna last night…and she said yes!

The newly engaged couple hit up Ace of Diamonds strip club last night to celebrate, and to show of Chyna’s new rock.

The Kardashian family has been silent since the news broke, but Chyna’s BFF, Amber Rose, came thru with a congratulation message.

blac chyna rob kardashian engagement

Chyna’s mom, Tokyo Toni, is also excited and acting like she just hit the lotto. But just yesterday, she was ranting about boycotting their wedding if the K-Klan shows up.

The ring is reportedly 7 carats, and it cost Rob $325K. Where’d he get all this money from, but he allegedly can’t even afford to buy his own house?

blac chyna engagement ring

Rob and Chyna have been dating for 2 months, so this engagement seems mighty suspect. U agree?


  1. LMAO,??????…
    Didn't we see this coming? They moving fast as hell with mess.
    A new baby & a reality show will be next. The stripper mama will be included too in spite of talking out the side of her face. This is all about to be one big ass mess for anybody watching.

      • Sasha and Ms Reg Says,
        I don't generally watch any reality tv shows of any kind not even the ones centered on business but BABY, let me tell you this…I may not tune in but I WILL BE KEEPING UP WITH THIS MESS RIGHT HERE! I'm asking my few little friends who work in the industry to keep me well posted and informed as well as checking in with you guys. I'm not missing a damn thang.

        I not only anticipate a long run of the BS. I'm expecting the birth of not one but TWO new Kartrashians (legit or not), a minimum of at least 2 "unexpected deaths/murders," and a media frenzy beyond all we've seen so far. I can't wait!

        • Oh hold on a minute now…
          I didn't see the ring up close….
          That shit is funky as as hell. I really like it and totally approve in spite of it being the symbol of the ultimate revenge "f*%k of 2016" and I'm not even mad a little bit. The ring is bad ass. It's too big but yet not too big to be considered gaudy and in poor taste. Shit is about to be fun as here in here…
          Sasha, get ready. You're going to take center stage in with all the questions and comments.

          • The ring looks better than Mariah's and CIara's. All those rings costing millions of dollars just look gaudy. This one is big too but so much classier.

        • You guys are so easily impressed. The Kardashian keeps on winning. As long as people watch anything related to Kardashian they will continue to stay relevant.

          I start to think that family are genius cause they keep millions of people checking for them and all their stories year after year. They've been doing this for almost a decade now.

          • This is not scripted. Rob is going against his family. They do not want him marrying her. They may be exposing his mental illness and doing a disinformation campaign against him trust me they don't want this happening this is completely offscript. Pimp Mom is pissed

      • ?DR1, you already know it!
        The first BLACK WOMAN & a retired stripper at that MARRYING into that family….THIS we damn well must see!

          • Sasha, I have my white cheddar popcorn, a fruit tray, a meat-cheese tray, chilled Moscato Di Asti & some Now & Laters on deck & ready to go…
            I can't wait for the results of your digging!


  3. Chyna gonna divorce him they need ratings bad marry off the only bachelor with a bisexual stripper anybody expect that to last long come on her best friend is amber rose bisexual whore who likes strap ons and both say its OK to be slluts or whores

  4. Mama Pimp must be going out of her mind. I hope Chyna gets pregnant and be a constant reminder in their lives. And the thought her baby is the real Kardashian progeny. They want to be black so bad, she'll pop out the real deal. Even North and her brother or the other kids can claim that name. Get out your popcorn.

    • Man…Anonymous, you know you said a mouthful on that.
      Can you imagine the hype and all the amped up MESS that's about to go down?
      Rob's kids will be actually considered Armenian right because HE's Armenian ohhh but HIS kids will be the ONLY Kardashians. Now how about THAT shit right there? HA!!! King Ciaro will be known as "The Little Prince That Was" after his mom start dropping those Kardashiam babies!!!
      Oh…the drama!

      • No way will Kris allow Chyna to appropriate the name Kardashian. I hope that girls has some security. OMG.

        • I already said I'm anticipating a minimum of TWO unexpected deaths/murders in from this group in the up and coming future. I know you already know exactly what I mean without any details.

    • @12:08, On last sentence, I meant to say none of the other kids can't claim the Kardashian name.

  5. Blac Chyna needs to keep her wits about her, that family is evil, she needs a powerful black woman by her side! The kardashian are scared of powerful black women, that's why they date
    black men who are motherless, hence Lamar and Kanye!

    Kris using her motherly love of these weak black men, once these men dog out her daughters, she will leak a story to the tabloids! White women are known to do kiss and tell stories!!

    • The only black women allowed serve as assistants or gofers. They cannot compete and try to take on the attributes of black women to ensnare rich black simps.

      • I absolutely LOVE your comment.
        I promise…I'll forever keep it etched in my mind every time I see a decent looking black dude with a fat frumpy out of sorts looking white chic, middle eastern, Swedish, Mexican, funny looking or otherwise Asian and anything other than a beautiful BLACK woman. Honestly, I'll think of it even without those scenarios…you comment was just that MAGNIFICENT!

  6. It don't seem suspect.

    A man knows when he is ready to crown a queen. Not marrying women for years means we nor that into YALL.

    • The main reason there are so many divorces is because people marry to fast. Marriage is supposed to be for life. it takes more than just a few months to get to know someone on every aspect.

      • These people want to marry for the moment and the future has no bearing what so ever in their decision. It's what can this marriage do for me now and how much will I get once we are done. They are all mercenaries and love has zero to do with anything as far as they are concerned.

  7. I'm trying to figure out why everyone wants Chyna to be a Kardashian so bad but yall swear Yall hate the Kardashians.

    • Because that would be torture for Kris and the other witches. Anyone that aggravates them is a friend of ours.

      • It wouldn't be torture at all. This is like a sopa opera, they are laughing at all the people who buy into this mess. chyna is a big fan of that family that's why she's so happy being part of the Kardashian family. This is another story line that will continue to keep the Kardashian family famous

        • Jamming know this is completely against script pimp mama does not want him marrying a black woman this is real 100%. Rob has personal problems but who doesn't know those white witches do not want a black daughter in law they are going to try to stop the shit watch and see he will be smeared by the witches.

  8. Whoooaah there’s a fire in that ring! I am happy for them. I had started looking at them sideways recently because Rob had posted something really sickening on Instigram that turned me off all the way off to their relationship. He has since deleted it may be due to Ms Toni’s suggestion. I guess he can’t help how he was raised, poor critter. Chyna probably won his heart by cooking for him alone because I have never seen any of them eat a home cooked meal let alone make a homemade smoothie. She definitely feeds her man well. Whether this was all planned or not, you have to admit he hasn’t been this happy in a long time and I have to give that credit to Blac Chyna.

    Hopefully Ms Tokyo Toni is God fearing. I say this because she seems to have discernment when it comes to the Kardashians but I don’t really know. All I do know is that they will need all the protection they can get.

  9. I guess we about to find out who's on the Kardshian payroll because the smear campaign has begone.

      • Let me break it down for you Girl. First off they said that his family has been mum since the engagement but all kind of stories are popping up today that I believe are being planted by the K Klan.

        Perez H is digging up ancient mess saying that said she hate fags 20 years ago, also that he cheated on her, he falls in love and proposes to quickly, that he is just playing her because he’s mad at them and will leave her just anything to discredit him and Blac Chyna.

        Meanwhile back at the ranch Ms Tokyo Toni done snapped crackled and popped on Instagram. Talking about Tyga/Agyt Tyga’s momma, his grand momma, and the Kardashians. I mean she is reading them fo filth LMAO!

        I was reading so much interesting mess that I lost track of time and was almost late LOL

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