Tisha Campbell Makes Light of Being $15 Million in Debt

tisha campbell duane martin bankruptcy

After it was revealed yesterday that Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin had filed for bankruptcy, Tisha took to her Twitter to make light of her financial situation.

Although the couple is $15 million in debt, Tisha joked around by asking her followers if “anybody got a nickel,” and further explained the reason they chose to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

tisha campbell duane martin broke

At least she can laugh about it, right? #Hollyweird


  1. What Tisha is saying is very true. IF she in fact is telling the truth and got herself involved heavily in real estate between 2005-2008 she may have very well got her and her husband caught up in a few bad/fraudulent loans as did quite a few other people did in this country including my own mother, one of my dearest friends, a friend of an acquaintance and my one of the owners where I work. It's not at all uncommon but the difference is in those who know they've been had and still pay, those who don' t know they've been had who choose to pay or not pay and those who KNOW they got played and refuse to pay. The Martins fit in the later category.

    They like so many others in this county got UNKNOWINGLY signed off on "fraudulent/predatory lending type loans," ended up LOSING THE PROPERTY/PROPERTIES AND….all while the banks expected them to pay. Some folks have too much pride to file BK7 to wipe that shit out while others filed immediately. The Martins tried to negotiate payment but the banks wouldn't play ball with them especially after they got the properties back.

    NOBODY IN ANY MEDIA SAID SHIT WHEN 4 OF DONALD TRUMP'S COMPANIES RAN UP MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN DEBT AND FILED BK7. LIKEWISE, IT WENT TOTALLY UNNOTICED WHEN FAMED MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER ROBERT KIYOSAKI (spelling) author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Cash Quadrant FILED BK7 AFTER HE LOST A CASE AND GO T $25M+ JUDGEMENT AGAINST HIM FROM THE VERY COMPANY THAT STARTED HIM FROM THE GROUND LEVEL THAT GOT HIM WHERE HE IS TODAY. That company could barely keep it's doors open as a result. They laid off 90% of their staff just to keep their doors open. NOT a word about that. My friend's mother and 3 of her friends/relatives worked for them for 12+ years and all of them are OUT OF THEIR JOBS.

    Tisha Campbell Martin is telling the truth on this one and FORGET what the media is saying because there is NO truth in it. If they told any truth they'd have to tell on the 1% who own not only the banks but the "ALL the same media outlets who bring US the news and information we take in."

      • So, Tony, a poster has to be a PR staff member to tell the truth?
        I'm asking because I know for sure there is truth in that comment & Tisha & her husband aren't doing anything white people haven't been doing for eons.

  2. It's important to remember that both President Obama and President Bush gave economic stimulus packages to Wall Street and the banks!

  3. NBA is fixed, you are always so on point!
    The Presidents issued those bailouts & most likely got their cuts so the 1% could continue their family dynamics. This may have been the first time we've witnessed it but some of our parents, grandparents & surely our great-grandparents have seen it happen more than once since historically it happens every 36-45yrs by the design & benefit of the 1% for centuries now.

    I know I don't have to discuss the 1% with you because I'm certain you know exactly who & what I'm talking about.

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