Dr. Dre Put a Hit Out on Suge Knight?

dr dre hit out suge knight

Suge Knight is making major allegations against Dr. Dre by accusing him of hiring hit men to end his life!

Suge is currently locked up for the brutal January 2015 hit-and-run accident that left one man dead. The music exec claims he is being isolated and prevented from using the phone to make calls to his lawyer about his claims against Dre.

The incident went down in 2014 when Suge was shot six times at Chris Brown’s pre-VMA party. Suge’s lawyer submitted paperwork claiming LA Sheriffs Deputy Henry Boyd was working the door at the Los Angeles club that night, and Boyd allowed the shooter to enter the club.

In the docs, Suge claims the shooter admitted he and his friend were paid $50k by Dre to murder Suge. He also claims to have LAX surveillance video of Deputy Boyd helping the shooter flee the country. Deputy Boyd resigned from the Sheriffs Department after being questioned by his superiors.


  1. Suge paranoid they gonna beat his fatold ass in jail now the butch waa cry, faint and yell health problems f*ck suge did all those folks he beat were they given a choice Sam Sneed is still brain damaged, all the girls he beat suge has a legacy of violence now Satan don't need him no more

    • being shot numerous times, a resigned deputy and a ghost shooter could have you paranoid.

  2. goes to show you that if you help anyone out and they blow up you will get nothing from them in the end, without suge there would be no dre, snoop, death row ect.

        • Bodyguard in the nwa days then dre ended up working for suge and yes suge muscled death row from dre and doc who was supposed to be ci owners of death row but it was said that dre and doc was never at the meetings when suge was going to the meetings

          • all suge did was make dre rich, got him to the next level and dre left suge behind, us niggas got a problem with starting over with friends, forgivness, letting it all go, it is in the black DNA.

            • How did suge make dre. Dre was hot from the beginning. Suge old trying to keep his name out there. That all dre not worry about dude. If he want to get him hit it would have been way before now .

  3. They could kill each other I don't give a shit Both did nothing for black people but bring down our image and tarnish our reputation so f*ck them both.

  4. If people really knew what goes down in entertainment industry, people would go nuts!
    Dave Chapple said "It's a worst thing, calling someone crazy! Their not crazy……

    Suge Knights everything, and Dr Dre is fool!!

  5. All blood sacrifices. Puffy killed Biggie and Tupac. French Montana killed Chinx. Oh let's not forget Dre' s son who he sacrificed a few years ago. Chief Keef killed Ill Jojo. Need I say more.

    • Yes. This.

      Everyone here knows that black folk don't die or OD. They are SACRIFICED.

      There is no such thing as a natural celebrity death.

  6. If this is true I hope that he can prove it. All Chickens need to come home to roost.

  7. I believe this really happened. I also believe that Jimmy Iovine had something to do with this. Notice that his name isn't in this story!

  8. Both Dre and Suge Knight have poisoned the black race. They did it in different ways. As these two stupid, inconsiderate motherf*ckers were bombarding the black race with weapons of mass destruction, white men like Jerry Heller and Jimmy Iovine became multi millionaires. Satan will soon collect on Suge Knight's soul. Dre's soul will burn in hell in the future. Both of those men have committed treason against the black race! Fuck both of them!

  9. For real…Suge's motions are not getting completed & filed by his attorney because LAPD is done with him. Both Snoop Dogg & Suge have told on so many people until you wouldn't even believe it. So, for argument sake let's just say LAPD & the Feds got all they wanted from Suge already. I'm almost sure he was told when his last "get out jail free card wold expire" & they would not be able to assist him any further if he found himself in any trouble. I can neither confirm or deny the validity of Suge's claims of Dre setting him up to be murdered but I will say this…Dre should not be his concern. The authorities he was snitching to no longer need him & THAT what his concerns should be because "they know those who snitch om others will damn sure snitch of them."

    Do not be surprised to hear about Suge Knight's death in the future. It will most likely be a suicide or an out of control prison yard fight.

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Suge if suge is somehow "murdered" in the future, he'll either write a book-hopefully giving us some of the inside scoop on what was happening on deathrow. I have a feeling though before suge leaves out of here, he'll most likely spill the beans and take a lot of people down with him.

  10. Damn if Dre don't look like a Faggot N D above Pic. TUPAC WAS RIGHT BOUT HIM!

  11. Suge said he wouldn't tell the police who killed Tupac if he knew. He has no problem talking to the police now…….

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