Jay Z’s Alleged Son Ready to Air Him Out in Front of Congress!

jay z son rymir congressional hearing

Jay Z is about to be aired out by his alleged son. Instead of just taking the damn paternity test and confirming if he is the daddy of of Rymir Satterthwaite, Jay has allegedly tried to sabotage Rymir’s court case.

Now, Rymir has the chance to speak out, and he’s planning to drag the rapper in front of the U.S. Congress!

The FCLU (Family Civil Liberties Union) is backing Rymir on his quest to get his paternity case on a national level. They got him in touch with a family advocate in Baltimore named Nicky Roberts, who is giving Rymir the opportunity to speak about the corruption that goes on in family court.

This congressional hearing will take place on April 29, and this publicity may be just what Rymir needs to get his paternity case resolved.


  1. Before he confronts big nose, he has to be 100% sure! Because, if he's not Jayz's son, than he will be a laughing stock! Remember 2 years ago, a boy said Micheal Jordan was his father. He made vicious video's about him, cussing him out. Then it turned out Micheal wasn't his father!

    • That a young JZ right there. Besides, JZ does not want to take a DNA test because he knows he's the daddy, so why risk it. If anything, the ball is on JZ's court.

  2. Not sure if paternity has already been established for this young man or not but IF he uses a congressional hearing as a platform to discuss Jay Z I feel he should tread very lightly even if he's armed with the truth. Jay Z is a deceitful liar has enough money and knows enough people who know the right people to make even the truth….go away.

    If word of his intent is true I applaud his efforts.

  3. he looks dead on jigga, they have the exact same teeth structure………..wow if Jay isn't his dad……

  4. Women force men to take DNA tests for paternity every day in this country, and NONE of them had to go before Congress or the Supreme Court.

    Something smells here.

  5. Is this for real??? Congress for a damn paternity test? Jigga what? Jigga who???

  6. Because it's no secret that there are many many many young men without fathers or father figures in their home. This makes me sad for Rymir and feel disgust for Mr. Braggadocios Jay Z. He wants to hang with the President and other big wigs to make an impression that he's a man of good worth regardless to his bank statement. But this shows us how low down and dirty he really is.

  7. Why would any decent black man deny a young black brother a chance to find himself, his roots and where he belongs, as well as. who he belongs to? Who would do that knowing all we know today and how this sort of thing causes our boys to spin out of control?

  8. If Jay Z isn't the father he would have no problem taking the test. He probably wants young men to look up to him and all but he doesn't want his own son. He owes this young man the damn truth. If I were his wife I would force him to do so.

  9. Its worth WHATEVER he finds Out, Remember he was born into this situation, shame on his mother for not getting paternity for her child a long time ago! Its not the Kids fault at all! If and when he finds out rather JayZ is his dad or not, then he can pursue other possibilities, he only knows what his mother has told him. Good luck to him. And Bey should support the test!

  10. Look At The EAR STRUCTURE ????? Lords Jay Z Yep That Is Your Son Hunty Why Deny A Handsome Image Of You For A Untalented Ass Bitch With Millions Or Billions Who Half Way Doesn't Want To Be Seen In Your Presence ? Nigga Take Care Of Your SON DAMN SON !

  11. This is one thing he and Matthew Knowles have in common they think that they can pick and choose which kids they are going to take care of and just ignore the rest and still be considered a good father. Don't dote on Blue Ivy and ignore Rymir.

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