Keyshia Cole Denies Being a Coke Head

keyshia cole drugs

Over the weekend, a fan accused Keyshia Cole of snorting coke in an Atlanta club restroom. Fameolous provided the screenshots.

As soon as the news hit, Keyshia took to her Instagram to deny doing any kind of drugs. She also says the reason why she’s drug free is because she saw what they did to her mother.

Do you believe her?


  1. Wow! Another snitch and he post it for social media to see. So what if she snorts coke. Dude looks gay. So that means he loves dick up the ass. Somebody needs to post that photo. See who gets the most yucks.

    • Why didn't he take a photo with his phone and sell it if he saw it? Just another nothing trying to come up on social media.

    • Man…#CodeRed was on top of that one because I was about to say almost the same thing.
      Was this a club that has a coed restroom? We need to know if we're to form some kind of opinion here.
      I'm not accepting the tarnishing of this girl's name over some "girly acting dude" who supposedly saw some shit in THE WOMEN'S RESTROOM….Clown!

    • Thank you……….I thought I saw a beard…….goatee………something under the chin…….

  2. That would explain her nasty attitude. She's just like her mother. The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  3. Of course it's true.

    God y'all are naive. Who doesn't do blow?

    I mean in the business.

  4. If this is true, Keyshia Cole would never admit it or own it, unless she's photographed doing it or she hits rock bottom and becomes exposed.

  5. The infidelity
    The bisexual mood swings
    Promiscuous behavior
    Irrattic behavior fighting random girls over homosexual bald gold toothed guys
    Busting midget cars

  6. Nothing new all these celebs end up doing drugs its part of the lifestyle if I ever caught her I'm f*cking her like the whore she really is

  7. like crackhead momma, like crackhead daughter. the apple sure as f*ck doesn't fall far. she's literally going off the deep end now, mainly ever since that fine cutiepie Booby dumped her ass. sad. which also indicative as to why her music aint hittin on shit…hell never was from get-go because she can't sing to save her ever-loving life, with the exception of "Sent From Heaven."

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