Blac Chyna’s Mom Threatens to Beat Kim K’s Azz!

blac chyna mom kim kardashian

It all started after Kylie Jenner revealed a new cooking segment called “Cooking with Kylie.” Blac Chyna got all in her feelings because she’s been doing cooking tutorials on SnapChat for the past year, and she thought Kylie was once again biting her style. After Tyga chose to defend his teenage princess instead of his baby mama, Chyna’s mom, Tokyo Toni, threw herself into the beef!

Never one to hold back, Ms. Toni spilled a little bit of tea in an almost incoherent¬†Instagram rant. Not only does she blame Kim for hooking Kylie up with Tyga, but she also threatens to kick Kim’s ass on sight!

blac chyna mom kardashians

blac chyna mom kim kardashian


  1. The Kartrashians steal black women's looks, and they will get credit for it. Kylie has been copying Blac Chyna, it's really sicken!
    Kylie wants to be like a black woman, but she copying Blac Chyna!

  2. Chyna's mom needs to do two things. Go back to school and learn how to write, then take her ass to a nursing home.
    What the hell is she doing, getting involved with youngster's foolishness.

  3. Tokyo Toni is hilarious, lol
    U got to check out her insta posts on Heather Sanders, lol

  4. I'm sorry, but she sounds functionally illiterate. It's embarrassing that she can't spell or use words properly.

    She needs to take remedial Tweeting stat.

    • Me too. In fact called Kim a fake ass South bucket ass bitch is pretty much on point to be exact.

    • I pray for the day trashy white women who decent white men REFUSE to date, stop emulating Black women.
      How about that!

      • White men refuse to date them but will still marry that whore after she's been piped down by stadiums full of nigga's and act like she's a prize not the cumbucket we know her to be dumbass nigga's would too (Kanye). White men all want a black woman dear get a clue. I don't care how much he hates black people he still lusts for a black woman. Maybe if white women did a better job emulating black women white men would date them too not just marry them because they need a beard . You say emulating I say a piss poor cheap attempt at being a knock off black women. You all hate us so much but your existence revolves around us. What we listen to, the way we dress, skin color, lips, body, the way we wear our hair. You look to us to learn how to be interesting at all because without us your just a dick sucking white broad with a cavernous p*ssy everyone had and is already sick of. Oh and the white men that really don't want a black woman is looking for black men.

  5. Kim and chyna wearing the bunny ears letting you know they're some bisexual whores

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