Blac Chyna’s Mom Paid Off to Keep Quiet About Kardashians?

blac chyna mom tokyo toni apologizes kardashians


Blac Chyna’s mom, Tokyo Toni, is never one to hold back. But it seems like she has been paid off and forced to keep quiet. Just days ago, Toni went on one of her usual rants, and dragged the Kardashians for refusing to congratulate Chyn and Rob on their engagement.

But today, she’s backing down and offering up an apology to the entire K-klan.

blac chyna mom tokyo toni apologizes kardashians

blac chyna mom tokyo toni apologizes kardashians 2


  1. Money talks, but she sold out to them witches.

    Kylie looks got damn awful, all that tanning will dry up her skin!

    • You are slamming Kylie when Blac Chyna's mother looks like a beast?

      You lost all credibility girl. Kylie may not be perfect but she isn't old looking or ugly. Tokyo Toni is scurry looking.

  2. These people would sell their souls for a $$$$$$.. I guess her daughter is for sale also..

      • So knew some strippers in college, they were the girls next door.. They stripped for tuition and that was it.. It was in the 80's and its wasn't like it is now.. They all married with very good jobs and families., they also didn't lie to their spouses about what they did.. Everyone is not for sale…

  3. I don't understand these black women selling out to the Kartrashians. Those witches are going to eat them up as they did lamar & kanye.

    • DR1, if there was a CHECK included somewhere with that apology….then no, she's not the dumb bimbette I thought she might have been.

  4. Black chyna and her mom both look like shit. Trash raising trash what else is new.

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