Iggy Azalea Stands Behind Swaggy P During Cheating Scandal

iggy azalea swaggy p cheating

Despite being caught on film detailing his sexcapades with a woman other than his fiancée, Iggy Azalea, Swaggy P is already out of the dog house according to the rapper.

In a series of tweets, Iggy tells fans that she and Swaggy are doing good after he cheated on her with a 19-year-old girl last summer.

Iggy is staying focused on “building a life” with Swaggy, while he’s focused on sticking his eggplant any and everywhere possible.



Low self-esteem is a b*tch!


  1. We live in world, where people will do things for sympathy, and in this case, Iggy's cheating scandal was possible publicity stunt. To boast her record sales, Nick probably did cheat on her long time ago, but her PR team probably came up with cheating scandal for the sympathy vote.
    Anything is possible these day, celebrities are turning tragedies into money, and sadly people are falling for it, because their sheep!

    • @WWC, didn't I just see wher you and Ms. Reg said this was basically some nonsense and some kind of a stunt to sale a song that didn't sale on the other thread? Oh, but of course, now they're going come out with them staying with each other? If they don't stop with the silliness.

      • @So Cal Soul

        Like I said, anything is possible. People will do silly stunts, just for press. I was watching the Boondock, the episodes was about Riley getting called a
        nicca by his teacher, Rolle Good Love was plugging his tv show (parody of The Cosby Show) in every interview about Riley.

    • No way would a stunt be pulled that threatened the viability of the billion dollar Lakers like this scandal has. Nope this wasn't a stunt, this was real.

      Fucking with the NBA is above the level of music stars or PMK and the likes. Even they would get their asses thrown in the fire for messing with NBA owners' money.

  2. These slores would do anything to stay in the know.. How sadly she accepts he's cheating and they are not married.. I can just assume she will stand around and watch him cheat when they are married..

    • Not sure if you remember, but I'm from Houston, where the guy who found her is from. He was married and dating/promoting/pimping her. She's used to this behavior. She also feels this is a "better" cheating situation.

      • That is so sad that some women think so little if themselves, I would rather be alone, than with a cheater.. They have too many diseases in the world, they just pass around like candy.. Too sad in my eyes only..

  3. A real event that her team seized upon to boost sales (at the expense of the lakers)

  4. WW stay using dumb ass black males. The Lakers are a big name internationally. White hoes stay winning. He'll become another Lamar Odom. His own damn fault.

  5. Swaggy P is one of the many successful, immature black men who chose to screw around with a ugly becky! You better beleive the white man sent this ugly white chick to hypnotize, weaken and rob the black man. Like Dr. Umar Johnson said, if the white girl calls the police for any reason, the black man will go from wearing a Brooks Brothers suit to a prison suit."

    • Nobody forces black men into a situation they don't enjoy…black men will look for these beckys in the basement of a homeless shelter if they have to

      • Thank you Sarah. I am so sick of that idiot NBA is Fixed always claiming that the black man is an innocent lost lamb in the wilderness and the white women are the wily devious foxes who mesmerize and hypnotize them.

        NO. They make the choice, They have to deal with the consequences.

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