Nicki Minaj Thinking Twice About Marrying Meek Mill

meek mill nicki minaj not married

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill’s relationship has cooled off ever since the rapper was placed on house arrest after violating his probation. Even though their relationship started off hot and heavy, Nicki seems to be pumping the brakes on walking down the aisle.

During an interview on The Ellen Show, Nicki says Meek has already given her two diamond rings. The rapper told her the third ring he gives her will be her engagement ring.

Ellen asked her if she was ready to receive that third ring, and Nicki responded with, “I don’t know.”

Nicki claims they’re still getting to know each other…and she isn’t wearing either of her two rings. Looks like Meek’s about to take another L.


  1. I read on CDAN Nicki cheated with Drake a few weeks ago. Meek found out and threatened to kill her. Thats why she wasnt posting pics of them on Instagram for awhile…

  2. Of course, their relationship won't last. She was sleeping with her ex, and Meek at the same time, their relationship was doom from the start! She let a man she knew for 12 years just up and leave (what a fool), plus he even wanted to marry her. Hellyweird changes people, not in a good way!

    • Wait….shouldn't he be the one thinking twice about marrying her even though she has more money?…Just saying!

  3. Exactly Ms.Reg…regardless on how their relationship starts she's supposed to hold him down while he's down and not discuss it with the public or anyone else for that matter. I'm sure he'll learn from falling for a fake butt and a smile.

  4. I believe she is a lesbian. There was a video on youtube…u type nicki minaj before celebrity.. she sounds like nicki and the girl was talking about remy ma eating "the box"..this girl was bald tho but the voice…sounds just like nicki.

  5. Yea, I seen it. That was Nicki. She's bisexual and I knew it wasn't going to last and that Meek was a rebound. I always thought Meek was to immature 4 her…

  6. Listen, I stopped reading at "on IG especially to the Kardashians." WTF is all that comes to mind. I'm pissed off and I don't know not one of these people. Ms Tokyo Toni, in all her funny lookingness damn sure better have receive a big fat check, gone to the bank, cashed it and it cleared the same damn day because I'm not with any of this BS.

    I don't know one single mother who would EVER apologize to not one on those Kartrickian bitches after what they did to Chyna by befriending her all while letting that fast ass underage sister of theirs get with her son's father. Those bitches don't deserve nothing but a good ass whoopin and to be wiped out our media space.

    There damn sure better be a check involved because I've lost what little tiny respect I had for that Ms Tokyo Toni chick.

    • None of these people have any respect for themselves, so why should I.. I actually feel sorry for them selling their souls for a $$$$$$.. I'll keep my respect and you keep your money, I would rather work two job, then to get in bed with Satan…

  7. When u meet a girl and you know she bisexual and been with other guys then u get with her abd diss her side piece Drake Tgen Drake the softest rapper I mean drake didn't diss common and puff like that abd he said nothing to j prince but this dude lost cause Nicki gave him head and ass

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