Odell Beckham Jr. & Drake Are Living Together

odell beckham jr living with drake
Drake has a new roommate, and it’s NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. The two began their friendship after playing in Drake’s Houston Appreciation Weekend celebrity softball game.

In an interview during this year’s South by Southwest music festival, Beckham revealed he has been living at Drake’s house to give him some company while he finishes up his upcoming album, Views from the 6.

odell beckham jr living with drake

This isn’t helping those gay rumors…


  1. Oh wow…Drake finally snagged himself a ball player.
    What joy this must be for him?

  2. Ummhmmm. Odell needs to come on out the clodet, because we already know Drake takes it up the ass religiously…no secret with him.

  3. Why would two grown ass rich men live together?.? Smh didn't wanna believe the gay rumors about odell but this is icing on the cake

  4. Yep Those Two Are Gay Ass Hell ?????? It's Time To Invest In Dildos Ladies ? These Men Are Gay Outchea ? #2016

  5. Look like we gone have to invest in dildos all you men f*cken each other there's no more real men all of you ware'en panties it's a woman's world lord help us u people need to wake up!! Look at what is happening around us open your stupid eyes

  6. Wait isn't it the white man's fault and didn't the illuminati made them do this?? Ha ha ha Ha ha ha Ha.

    Seriously though they are gay as hell!

  7. it's official. since Drake cant score with women, he turns to men, which he was alrewady doing at first but puttin on a front with being with a woman. Odell f*ckin the shit outta that light skin bootyhole on a regular now. light skin niggahs stay on that down low gay ish though ultimately more so than a dark skin dud….like it's almost second nature and natural for mainly light skin dudes to be loving the boys and the dick of another man.

  8. Drake can have many women and so can his buddy but he'll all the women want is hair, clothes, and jewelry. It's like women aren't a challenge to men when you a celebrity. Throw them a few dollars is all they want 75 percent of them. The same sex is more of a challenge.

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