Janet Jackson Fans Ripped Off After Cancelled Tour

janet jackson fans ripped off

After Janet Jackson revealed her tour would be put on hold so she could start a family with her husband, fans are outraged, and they want the singer to pay up!

After the announcement, fans who had already purchased their “Unbreakable Tour” tickets tried to initiate a refund through Ticketmaster, but Ticketmaster refuses to give them their money back.

Janet hasn’t officially cancelled the tour, she has only “postponed” it for the time being. Because an official cancellation hasn’t been made, Ticketmaster gets to hold on to the money.

Damn, Janet. Just cancel the damn tour and give the people their money back!


  1. This is so not a good look & her reps need to get immediately involved to fix this. It really isn't Janet personaly attempting to defraud ticket holders but Ticketmasters is a cold piece of work. That bs about "cancelled vs postponed" is THIER contractual rhetoric & has nothing to with Janet, however, I must say….since Janet has decided to allegedly be planning to start a family she should have her reps provide Ticketbastards with the proper verbiage so the ticket holders can receive a refund. As is, even with a refund they're going lose money because they won't get the service fees back.

    Not making excusesure for Janet. This is just one of many ugly sides to the business.

    • @Ms Reg, I understand about the ticket issue and how that can be fixed. We want to know WTF is up on Janet planning to have a baby at damn near 50. I noticed you breezed over that and haven't said anything about it. I want some details and I know you got them or have at least heard something. Why you so hushed about that?

  2. Fake tits Janet Jackson is starting to look like Latoya Jackson. Latoya Jackson's face looks like a jigsaw puzzle.

  3. I agree with your statement about the process of getting a refund. However, I purchased a ticket for a Janet concert back in 2010 or 2009 and she did the same exact thing post phoned the show and it took several months to get your refund because she didn't cancel she know the process as well she is horrible when it comes to a commitment to her fans she sucks!!! so glad i didnt purchase a ticket this go round.

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