DMX Gives an Interview High as Hell!


    dmx high interview

    It was just two months ago when DMX was rushed to the hospital after an apparent drug overdose.

    The rapper was found lifeless at a Yonkers Ramada Inn with no pulse, and witnesses said he had ingested a “powder.” Sadly, it looks like the incident wasn’t a wakeup call, because nothing has changed for the troubled rapper. He just gave an interview with Vlad TV looking high as hell!

    In the interview, X stumbles through a story about Diddy turning him down for a record deal. 3 weeks after being signed by Def Jam, Diddy started to beg X to sign with Bad Boy.

    Peep the video to see X give his side of the story…while being on that stuff!


    1. That was sad to watch so I tried to just listen to it. All I can say is Wow, my boy is gone and them over compensating for his inability to explain himself clearly only made the interview worse.

      When one of the best falls….

      • It also is a symptom of opiate usage. If you're doing oxy or heroin you cannot stop touching your nose because it itches constantly. I hope he isn't doing H, but the way he is slurring his words is suspect.
        I have a past history, so I kinda know what I'm looking at, and I think he is doing speed balls which is cocaine and heroin mixed together.

        Sadly, speed balls are the last stop on the H train to death.

        • I totally agree. He had real potential. He was not a hack actor.
          With some classes and coaching I think he could have had quite a career.

    2. I'm going to go deep here… this is what happens to kids who were abused he is a childhood abuse survivor I'm sure he most likely got molested too it's manifesting itself in his slow suicide he's in a lot of mental pain. And black males cannot admit that they got abused and molested because it's a stigma. I know some males that got abused they drink a lot get high all the time to block out the memories I feel sorry for him he's got enough money to help fix himself.

      Getting high to the point of near death is not normal that's beyond partying that's trying to block out memories.

    3. 1st rapper to have two #1 albums in one year and the only rapper whose first 3 albums debut at no. 1

      In his prime X was a beast. Show some respect

    4. Comment: all I see is pain… forget the drug use, this man had a hard life and he's self destructing. I pray that someone around would love you more than you love yourself. I wish they would take you into the mountains for a year, tie you or handcuff you so you can seek the help you want. when you read his book you understand that if we too endured some of the stuff he endured we may be a coke or crack fiend and it is available in Hollywood you too would be on drugs

    5. This is what happens when you CHASE the INDUSTRY……they turn around and swallow you……everytime!!!……… So sad to see the chutes n ladders fall.

    6. This is so sad. He's doing crack and cocaine.I can tell by his movements and his voice. I pray he gets some help before it kills him. Bless his heart.

    7. 11:02 touched on so much that it unsaid. I couldn't even pass 12 seconds before I stopped it.. I felt the sorrow when I looked at Nore's face… I see the same pain in so many faces of the men in my family and the fiends who run the streets…if we could save them all would we? I would damn sure try. Everyone deserves better.

    8. This man is under great spiritual attack. I knew it was coming when I watched his interview from jail and how he was coming strong for TMH. Anyone in the public eye who has boldness for the Lord comes under attack by the enemy. He broke the stronghold of drugs once, but like the bible says, after the unclean spirit is cast out and your house is swept and set back to order, the demon will return with 7 stronger ones. We should pray for him.

      • I'm not wasting a prayer on him though I understand he has deep and serious pain from his childhood but no prayers for him he's had millions of people praying for him and he still f*cking up.

    9. he's fighting them demons, at what he had to do to "get on" ever wonder why artist/actors used drugs heavy… b/c their always replaying a sex act they had to do to get on…

    10. His spirit is strong and but his body doesn't reflect that well… I love his spirit that truth tongue in his music. He may have taken a wrong path but anyone can get back on track with the right direction and guidance … DMX still got it bark… Arise King!


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