Blac Chyna & Kylie Jenner Best Friends?

blac chyna kylie jenner

Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner have kissed and made up…for now…

The two met up yesterday and took pictures and videos together on SnapChat.

Kylie titled her picture, “When we’ve been best friends this whole time” while Chyna’s picture read, “Hanging out with my lil sis.”

blac chyna kylie jenner friends

Best friends sleep with each other’s boyfriends? WTF?


  1. Chyna wierd af ain't no way in hell I'd be taking pics with a bitch that my man goes out with as soon as he leaves me hell Kylie and Tyga was probably together behind chyna back smh I don't doubt it that whole family is f*cked up

  2. More like single white female, Blacc Chyna needs to be careful, Kylie is copying her style and image!
    She's probably being friend, to use Blacc Chnya, white women are cunning, when white women date black men, they usually copy black women's style. Which this is the case, deep down white women who copy black women, secretly hate black women! Their down for their ashed up sellout d*ck, but they envy black women, without the black women, there would be No black men!!! (who know, white women wanna birth fully black men!).

    • Exactly what Kim did to Black Chyna b4 her sister started dating Tyga
      Kim copied her style

    • No it won't but i got my fresh fruit & Moscato Di Asti chilling in the fridge for the blowout & I don't even watch TV.

  3. Fake, Kardashian damage control currently BC is winning in public opinion they can't stand that. She needs a quickie marriage, go make money, BC!!

    • Exactly, and with what Wendy Williams said on her show they had to do some damage control. Biller pill to swallow that BC is winning public opinion.

  4. Fuck her fake ass marriage to rob she want another child and alimony then bang divorce same reason why ciara marrying Russell child support from two different baby daddies who are wealthy kind if odd ciara and chyna both dated future niwvtheyre engaged to simps

  5. KING:Step dad dad mommies boyfriend mommies fiancée mommies soon to be husband daddy's brother in law uncle inlaw can u take me to the park?

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