Afrika Bambaataa Denies Child Molestation Allegations

afrika bambaataa denies child molestation

Afrika Bambaataa is finally speaking out against child molestation allegations. After 4 men stepped forward to make claims against the rapper, Bambaataa went on the Ed Lover Show to give his side of the story.

“This is false allegations that’s being put against me and a lot of lies. It could be me today and you tomorrow. I completely deny all type of accusations that are being put against your brother Afrika Bambaataa,” ~ Afrika Bambaataa

He also questions whether or not the alleged victims have an agenda against him.

Who do you believe?


  1. Nigga Lying !!! Go to The Star Chamber (youtube) !!! 10 Star From Hot97 Videos About EVERYTHING !!!

  2. males always try to talk about somebody has an agenda against them when they do wrong he can go to hell with his lying ass!

    • He ain't nobody with no real money, so why would anyone come out against him? I say he is a pedophile of little boys. I deleted his tracks on my Tidal list. Rape him with a broom stick in prison until his intestines come out!

  3. I agree, he's full of it. He did it. Like I said before no grown heterosexual man would come forth and lie about being molested. It's hurtful, shamefully and an embarrassment. So we don't believe you, you need more people. Gtfoh

  4. An even better question is why is the M.F. still not being charged or sued for damages???!!!! He's a predator, one of his victims said he knows of at least 30 boys this creep molested!!! He's a menace to society and young boys in particular!!

        • One of the old posters wrote here that in order to get Bill Cosby the lawmaker's will be taking bribes in all forms to create and pass a new law that will allow the courts to set aside the statute of limitations and that Gloria Allred was trying her best to make it happen by pulling every string and cash in on favors to make it happen.

          • That's bullshit. The big wheels don't want Cosby going to trial because they're afraid of what will come out exposing them too.

            Cosby isn't going down because whitey turned on him. Whitey was protecting his ass for 40 years until they couldn't any more.

  5. when u go to Star's channel, S, Bambaata is throwing up the horn sign in his pics

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