New Book ‘The Kardashian Plan’ Blasts Kim K For Wiretapping!!!

kardashian book kim k wiretapping
Espionage Exposed In Jenner’s Kardashian Empire?

HSK Exclusive — An insider is spilling word that “Kris Jenner’s jig is up.” Apparent ammunition expected to set it off on the Kardashian camp would be some turnt-up tips collectively detailed in a soon-to-drop book! We’re told “The Kardashian Plan” is the working title. The rings of puppetry pic — depicting Kris Jenner as the puppet master of her KJ collection of dolls — is said to be a “tentative image being considered as the cover.”

The book puts Kim Kardashian on blast for allegedly spying on Ray J by using “a special code to tap phones.” Seems like Wiretapping … Espionage … Eavesdropping … Spying … is all part of “The Kardashian Plan” noted. Just ask Paris Hilton!

“In 1967, the California Legislature passed the so-called “Invasion of Privacy Act,” which uses criminal penalties-the toughest tools government has available-to deter private citizens from invading each other’s privacy.”

Here’s an excerpt from Maxwell Billieon’s “The Kardashian Plan”:

“You’re scum…I caught you f*cking that bitch on my birthday…don’t ever call me again, you disgust me”, Kim said crying and screaming. He was like damn, how does Kim know…she always knows everything? Of they made up and a while later he found out that Kim was tapping his phone for a year.

“That’s how she knows the moves of every one”, he said. “One time we were leaving a cell phone message on a 3 way to someone…Kim forgot to hang up after leaving the message and we started talking about really secret information about the release of the sex tape. After a minute we realized the other persons voicemail was still recording us. Kim was like “Oh shit, I’m still recording”.

So she dialed this special code in on the phone and all the messages on that persons cell voicemail came back up. Then she just erased her message like it never happened. I was like what the f*ck was that? “Me and Paris (Hilton) have this special code to tap phones…so if you cheat, I’ll catch you”, she said. She still uses it to this day.”

kardashian book kim wiretapping


  1. This bullshit … You mean she got McGyver skills and never caught Koonye licking his Parisian lover's …..wee wee ?

    • Oh Kim knows about her hubby's closeted activities. She won't leave though coz which decent monied man is gonna marry her?

    • Comment:she is known for spying. she works with a private investigator name jake. on kuwtk she broke in to this basketball player khloe was dating voicemail after khloe asked her not to and she heard messages from other women. she also hired a private investigator to follow scott around he was pissed. she does this all the time. they blackmail

  2. Wow, that family are evil, black men you really need to wisen up, that family uses and exploits black men for money and fame. Karma is real, there is only certain amount of things, you can get away with, their reign of terror is coming to an end. It took 10 years!!

    Kanye is going to get his "N!cca Moment" bashing black women in favor for a white woman (who walks around, like she has some sh!t up her fake plastic a$$)
    Don't bother looking for a black women, you married a fake knock-off!

    • Girl, f*ck worrying about BM let me guess you're a single mother of a son? Give a rest, bm ain't worrying about you or their daughters! Let the witches f*ck their dumb asses UP!

      • Don't talk shit about black men coz your shit f*cked up !
        We all make mistakes!

      • you idiot how is lil kim a proud black women when she wears all that crappy weave and bleached her skin so much that now she's a white women

  3. The wire tapping is real. We have a celebrity in our family. He eavesdropps on all of the family by tapping our phones. He has had a PI on the payroll for years!

  4. Well she better not let the wrong one find out that this is being done on them, cause its a major lawsuit and possible jail time …ever heard of watergate?

    • It's legal in a few states… The law says only one person needs to know…the person recording the conversation!

      • That is correct, and Watergate was about the breaking and entering of the DNC offices in Washington DC. It had nothing to do with wiretapping.

  5. Someone please burn these witches lol !
    And burn the Hollywood isra-elite while you at it !

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